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Just like Lenny enjoyed tending the rabbits, you too can tend to all of the animals in Farming Simulator 2019. Before you chop them up into bits and stick them on a barbeque, that is.
I don’t know how Giants Software manages to make fertilising and harvesting crops look the absolute hotness, but they’ve done it again with the first Farming Simulator 19 gameplay trailer. Behold as an impressively compacted bundle of cotton is loaded onto a trailer, gawp as the rotary tiller’s two arms unfold, and marvel at the weeding ability of a Turboshift Favourit 515C.
Those of you eagerly anticipating Farming Simulator 19’s will be pleased to know that Giants Interactive has announced a release date. Quite a turnip for the books, I’m sure ewe will agree.
It’s hay bales and fistfights in farm land this year with Pure Farming 2018 rolling up to give Farming Simulator 19 some serious competition at last. It’s meant Giants Software and Focus Home Interactive have had to up their game for the next iteration of their long-running agricultural sim, as detailed in the new E3 2018 trailer.
The world of farm sims is hotting up these days. For too long, Farming Simulator has been left to pootle about on its shiny new combine, with no other farms in sight. Now Pure Farming 2018 is turning up to put the cat among the proverbial pigeons, and it’s down to Giants Software to up their game once more.