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FIFA 14 has been out for well over a month now, surely a good amount of time to judge whether EA's decisions have paid off or not, so let's get to it! Let me start off by saying that FIFA 14, as always, is like a drug; it's hugely addictive and desperately maddening in equal measures.
The first next-gen FIFA footage has finally arrived; we were getting worried whether it was going to make it out of the player’s tunnel for launch after being absent until just two weeks before the upcoming Playstation 4 launch.
Chart-Track has released last week’s sales figures for the UK charts and somewhat predictably FIFA 14 is top of the league, knocking GTA V off its pretty lofty perch.
Many of you football fans out there will be eager to have a kick about on FIFA 14 when it releases in a couple of weeks, 27th September.
Not all goals are created equal, as many of you will agree - in a long, close game, managing to slip one in from a 30 yard kick is a thing to celebrate.
EA has taken to twitter to promote and date the FIFA 14 demo that will be making an appearance very soon.
If you weren't sure if the Xbox One would sell, this new bit of news might change your mind - the £430 Xbox One console will come with a copy of FIFA 14 if you pre-order.
Well then sports fans, we've got something fresh for you today! We already know that FIFA 14 will be running on the new Ignite engine for next gen consoles, but not for PC.
The football season has ended in most countries, transfers are commencing, coaches are making sure training starts on time, and above all: a new FIFA is coming.
Many sports games series will get updated year on year with the same engine, but FIFA 14 will be the first game on a new engine, called Ignite.
Tis the season to reveal your game's special editions apparently. Following the Grand Theft Auto V Collectors Edition and the Mortal Kombat Komplete edition, we have FIFA 14's upcoming versions.