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After nine bloodthirsty rounds nine great games have already fallen in battle, and just three remain. Now it's time for this titanic trio to go head to head to head in a final truel, from which only one can emerge victorious. The average score of this little lot on the site is a massive 9 out of 10, so we're dealing with three of the greatest games to be released this year. 
Well, well, well, here we are in the second round of the 12 Games of Christmas semi-final and we’ve got an old-school versus new-school showdown. The might of the ever-popular FIFA 15 is up against the fervent support of DOTA 2. It’s sports vs eSports in a fight to the death, and only one of these gaming powerhouses can make it through to the final in two day’s time.
The two footballing giants. After decades of footballing games only two remain. The likes of Sensible Soccer, Kick Off, This Is Football and practically hundreds of others, mainly total turds like UEFA Striker, have all bitten the dust. During the glory days of the PlayStation 2 PES reigned supreme. You couldn’t walk into a single student flat without someone getting ready for a kickabout.
EA has released the second patch for FIFA 15 for the PC and PlayStation 4 versions of the game. The Xbox One patch is set to follow soon. Among several problems that the patch will rectify will be an end to stuttering gameplay that some PS4 players have reported, along with improvements to the difficulty settings.
Football fans all over the world tuned in to watch the world cup this summer.
An EA launch isn’t an EA launch without a token hilarious bug, and FIFA 15 is no different. EA Sports’ new kid on the block has just launched in the US and PC gamers who’ve already got their mitts on it are reporting a pretty hefty bug when they boot it up on their beige boxes.
EA Sports has confirmed that the FIFA 15 demo versions will arriving from today, giving PC gamers the first opportunity yet to test out how the next-generation graphics engine used will run on their PCs.
It’s getting heated down on the touchline as Pro Evolution Soccer representatives have begun engaging in a war of words with EA Sport’s FIFA series, claiming EA’s yearly iteration plays like a game of ping pong - or table tennis to us normal folk.
EA has revealed a new trailer for upcoming football sim Fifa 15, showing off the game’s improved physics including dynamic ball spin, player style that varies according to the real-life play style of the footballer, and improved dribbling, balance and control.
EA Sports has release a shiny new trailer for FIFA 15, showcasing the upcoming football game’s new emotion and intensity features that can swing the balance of play.
Ever since we saw those incredibly high next-gen system requirements for Fifa 15, we’ve been wondering what the title might actually look like to justify those hefty system specs.




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