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In case you missed this and are in fact feeling the weird combination of both wanting to kick a football round a field while also having an urge for killing Daedra with your mates then prepare to be satisfied. Both FIFA 17 and The Elder Scrolls Online are having a free weekend! One is already under way while the other will start tomorrow, get on them now and get the best Black Friday deal around, free games!
We're getting closer to silly season. The games are going to start launching thick and fast soon, and even the most optimistic of us aren't going to have the money to buy every game we want. Which is why I'm giving one lucky GD'er a game on the house, either Battlefield 1 or FIFA 17, whichever one the winner wants.
We've already taken a look at just how fantastic FIFA 17 looks, but what about how it performs? Surely that shift to the powerful Frostbite engine must come at some sort of of performance cost. For this one we decided to set the bar pretty low and went with Nvidia's GeForce GTX 750 Ti. The MSI flavour to be precise. If you shop around this can be had for less than $100, so it's a pretty cheap graphics card.
Another year, another FIFA. This time around it looks as if PES 2017 has really upped its game on consoles, so EA Sports is no doubt feeling the pressure to perform with FIFA 17. For the first time ever the series is now using DICE's Frostbite engine, the same engine powering the graphical warhorse that is Battlefield 1. In theory, football has never looked nicer. Here we'll be taking a look at just what you'll benefit from when throwing enough gaming hardware at FIFA 17 in our Low v Ultra comparison screens. As well as this we'll be taking a look at the FIFA 17 graphics options settings, as well as how FIFA 17 PC has improved visually over FIFA 16.
Our first taste of FIFA 17 arrives tomorrow, September 13th, with EA Sports dropping the demo on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well as the older consoles for those still hanging in there. It’s of particular interest to PC gamers as it marks the series’ debut on the powerful Frostbite game engine. FIFA 17 has ditched the Ignite engine as EA looks to pull all of its games into a single engine, which has now powered FIFA 17, Star Wars Battlefront, Need For Speed and Dragon Age: Inquisition.
It’s that time again, right around when the holiday season madness is about to kick in. I’m talking footie time of course, when the two giants that are FIFA and PES step into the ring to slug it out. FIFA 17 is with us on September 29th (or the 27th if you’re over in NA), while Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 drops a little earlier on September 15th (13th for the States). Most football fans are only going to buy one, which of FIFA 17 and PES 2017 do you think is most worthy of your cash?
FIFA 17’s with us in a few weeks, sporting an all-new engine with a visual overhaul and an in-depth story mode for the first time ever. But what about the really important bit, the reason we buy it year in, year out - the players. Which are the greatest that you're planning to slot in your FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. EA Sports has published the 10 best players in FIFA 17, and after seven long years, Lionel Messi has finally been knocked off his perch. But, by which footballing maestro?
FIFA's back, and unlike PES we're not being left behind our console counterparts for this outing on PC. FIFA 17 moves the entire game over to the very same Frostbite engine used to power Battlefield 1, Mirror's Edge Catalyst and Mass Effect Andromeda, to name but a few. Dropping the Ignite engine, FIFA 17 promises to be the best looking version of FIFA yet. It comes at a cost though, with FIFA 17 raising the bar for the series' system requirements.
EA Sports has provided one of the first in-game looks at FIFA 17 with the latest trailer. Bayern Munich cohorts Lewandowski, Muller, Neuer, Coman and Costa star in a peek at the capabilities of the Frostbite engine. FIFA 17 marks the first time the series has been built in the Frostbite engine, which was also used for Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefield 1.
EA Sports has talked a heck of lot about FIFA 17 without actually really showing us anything of how this year’s outing plays. Fortunately there’s a new Juventus-themed trailer to give us a few more tidbits, with Buffon, Pogba, Dybala and co all given the special motion capture treatment to bring their likenesses into FIFA 17 like never before.
In perhaps the least surprising bit of gaming news we’re going to get all year, EA Sports has announced FIFA 17. The headline this time around is that “Football has Changed”, amplified by FIFA 17 switching to the (usually graphically stunning) Frostbite engine for the first time in the series’ history.