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Square Enix has opted not to hold until its E3 2019 press conference later today to reveal what’s probably its biggest nugget of all - Final Fantasy VII Remake's worldwide release date.
One of the most beloved JRPGs of all time is back once again. Square Enix revealed an all-new Final Fantasy VII Remake teaser trailer during last night’s State of Play event. Cloud, Barret, Aerith, and co, are strutting their stuff around a gloriously updated rendition of Midgar, while we also get a fairly decent look at the combat gameplay.
Originally announced way back in 2015, it seems we’re still nowhere close to Final Fantasy VII Remake being a real thing. We’ve had a couple of teaser trailers and that’s about it, but if you wanted further proof that this project is still a shapeless, primordial gloop, rather than a title deep in development, look no further than Square Enix’s job posting for a Battle Planner.
Take this with a mighty pinch of salt but Square Enix is reportedly planning an absolutely mammoth celebration of Final Fantasy’s 30th anniversary next year.