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The locust swarm is invading and it's up to us to stop them in Gears Tactics. But before we save the world, we want to make sure our optimal graphics options are set correctly. Its time to explore which is best and which is the most resource hungry graphics settings in this Most Important Graphics Settings Guide for Gears Tactics.
Gears Tactics is finally out on PC, the spin-off from the main Gears of War franchise has taken a surprising turn into tactical strategy combat, but how does the game perform? Does it run as expected according the PC system requirements? We've run some benchmarks using the official in-game benchmarking tool and collected all our results and presented them here so we can all have a look at the game's performance.
Gears Tactics has finally released today, and with it comes a whole new assortment of video and graphics settings to tinker with. Sometimes we get a game that has barely anything to customize, but recently we've been getting a lot of games that give you loads of options to choose from, fortunately Gears Tactics sits firmly in the latter category.
Gears of War (sorry, it’s just ‘Gears’ now) has only recently made its way to PC, but we’ve already got a decent library from the series including Gears Tactics. It’s a good time to be a Gears fan, and whether or not you’re new to the franchise, a fan from the console generation, or maybe you just have Xbox Game Pass and want to check out some new games, Gears Tactics is out later today.
XCOM games, but from the looks of it this could be a very fun and unique experience. The new launch trailer was recently released with lots of violence, swearing and big, big monsters on the loose. Check out the video below for some of the action.
Gears of War and thinking aren't two things you'd necessarily link to one another. Microsoft's gung-ho third-person shooter franchise has always been about shooting first, thinking later. Gears Tactics is hoping to change all that, offering turn-based tactical strategy within the Gears universe. It's XCOM but Locusts instead of little blue men, and here are the PC specs you'll need to run Gears Tactics.
The rumours were true. Microsoft opted to announce not one, not two, but three new Gears of War games at E3 2018. Sorry, I should just say Gears, as that’s what Microsoft appears to have officially rebranded the entire series.