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Godfall, the latest looter slasher by Gearbox, recently released last week to mixed reviews. However, most notably the game was advertised as including some DirectX12 Ultimate features such as ray traced shadows and variable rate shading, but launched without these features included. Thankfully, a new update has finally added ray tracing features back in, but unfortunately Nvidia users will have to wait.
Counterplay Games, the developers of Godfall, recently released the official PC system requirements ahead of the game’s launch next week. The specs seemed to be pretty demanding, requiring a GTX 1060 and 12GB of RAM just for the minimum. However it was unclear what kind of setup would be needed for 4K Max graphics.
We're in a strange time where a game is coming out in less than 10 days and yet there's not a whole lot promoting out. We're also only now getting some crucial information in the way of the official Godfall PC system requirements, and they seem to be missing some important details as well.
After the recent announcement that Godfall will be officially launching on November 12th for PC and PlayStation 5, developer Counterplay Games have also confirmed that whilst the game will not be a game-as-a-service, it will require a constant internet connection to play and will not be available offline even whilst playing Solo.
Gearbox Software is moving away from their acclaimed looter-shooter franchise into a new looter-brawler franchise. Godfall has been known about for a while, but we only recently have been getting a better look at it thanks to next-gen consoles launching shortly in the next few months. A new trailer for Godfall has been released and it focuses on combat, plus details for the pre-order bonuses and game editions have also been revealed.
The August version of PlayStation 5’s State of Play livestream just debuted last night, and we got a lot of new gameplay and trailers for previously already announced games, as well as a brand new title coming to the PlayStation 5. So we’ve compiled all the latest videos from the stream in a big PlayStation 5 State of Play recap below.
Footage of the upcoming Playstation 5 game Godfall has been doing the rounds on the internet recently, and we now have further clarification to what was actually featured in the small clip.
Some more footage has emerged from Godfall, the first ever PlayStation 5 game to be announced. Revealed during The Game Awards, this time we get our first look at actual gameplay.
Say hello to Godfall, the first game to be officially announced for Sony’s mysterious PlayStation 5. It’s the work of Counterplay Games, who are bringing Godfall to fruition with the aid of Gearbox Publishing and Unreal Engine 4.