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There was a lot of hype surrounding a brand new Batman game this year, but Warner Brothers pulled a switcheroo and revealed Gotham Knights instead, a new game set within the DC universe where Batman is dead and it’s up to the Bat Family to save Gotham. Oh, and it’s not a continuation of the Arkhamverse. However new details have emerged including that the game is not a Game-as-a-Service, there will be no level gating, and that it will be the start of a new franchise, along with other details.
The recently announced Gotham Knights game by Warner Brothers Games Montreal apparently won’t be a continuation of the Batman Arkham series, and actually takes place within a different continuity despite the similar connections. It’s not exactly obvious in the trailer, but the developers recently made the announcement after the official Gotham Knights reveal.
Well, it’s official! The new game by WB Games Montreal was officially announced last night at the Warner Brothers DC FanDome event, and it certainly looks interesting. Gotham Knights notably ditches the Batman prefix, for very obvious reasons you’ll see in a bit, but thankfully we got an official trailer as well as some gameplay.
It seems like so long ago that we were teased a new Batman game, and it looks like we’ll finally be getting an official reveal this weekend at the DC FanDome event, as WB Games Montreal have recently released a brand new teaser for their upcoming Batman: Gotham Knights game in an interesting rabbit hole of a reveal.
Warner Bros are currently set for their DC Fandome event in August, which will see all new news and events surrounding the films, TV, video games and more in the DC Universe. Whilst we’ll surely hear some more about the upcoming Snyder Cut for Justice League, it was also rumored that the new Batman game would finally be announced. Now Warner Bros have acquired 3 new website domains for some video games, seemingly teasing more games that could get announced at the fan event.