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It seems that due to the recent mishaps going on with Grand Theft Auto IV, Rockstar has decided to rerelease the game in all-new complete package. GTA IV: Complete Edition will be launching in stores soon, but owners of the original game on Steam will see their digital copy upgraded to the complete version, free of charge.
UPDATE: Grand Theft Auto IV is back where it belongs on Steam! Well, sort of. Having been unceremoniously pulled in January, GTA IV and its DLC has now been replaced by a single Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition which incorporates both the base game and the two Episodes From Liberty City expansion packs -  The Ballad of Gay Tony & The Lost and the Damned.
If you’ve visited the internet, well, ever, you’ll probably notice that people enjoy doing crazy things that take up a hell of a lot of time and energy for no real reward on their part. Hell, it’s probably the thing that makes the internet great.