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Rockstar’s endless parade of updates for Grand Theft Auto V’s Online component shows no sign of abating. The latest is dubbed GTA Online - Power Mad, bringing with it some distinctly 80’s-style flair. The Pegassi Torero is the definitive sports car of the bygone era, a time when “movie stars had luxuriant hair and sports cars didn’t take risks,” while the new adversarial Power Mad game mode is a twist on the usual Juggernaut rule type.
The work of a career criminal is never over. There’s also one more car to steal. One more drug deal to go awry. One more UFO part to find. The world of Grand Theft Auto Online ticks on maniacally, regardless, and things are getting a little more interesting next week with the arrival of the Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 expansion.
Another Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer in 60 glorious frames per second? Don’t mind if I do. Somebody’s been doing a bit of poking around behind the scenes and unearthed a PC gameplay trailer, this time focusing on the Online Heists being bundled into the Grand Theft Auto Online portion of GTA V.
The wait might be well and truly on for Grand Theft Auto V on PC, but at least we know there’s going an absolute bucket load of stuff for us steal, murder, and rampage through once it arrives. Rockstar’s now announced even further plans for improvements and additions for both GTA V and Grand Theft Auto Online ahead of its April 14th launch.
The lesser spotted Online Heist is a rare beast. We’ve been camped out in the wilderness since September last year, keen for just the smallest glimpse of this elusive creature. 15 months later though and Rockstar has only gone and blown the bloody doors off its GTA Online Heists mode, revealing a substantial update that brings with it more than 20 hours of new content.
While dusting off our rail guns in preparation for Grand Theft Auto V it’s easy to overlook Rockstar’s gaming package containing an extensive online mode in the shape of Grand Theft Auto Online. New to this remake is an increased player count all the way up to 30 with an additional two spectators, a completely overhauled character creation suite with a great range of customisation, more than 120 props for content creation and a doubling of the number of props allowed in online matches.
Rockstar has announced the latest update for Grand Theft Auto Online, the San Andreas Flight School, will be taxiing for takeoff later today. Adding a bevy of new vehicles and challenges, as well as a host of new balance tweaks, so players can be the next Maverick. Or Goose in all likelihood.
Roll up, roll up, the freshest news just in about Grand Theft Auto Online - the multiplayer portion of GTA V that we've all been so eager to see.
If there's one thing that's getting gamers excited right now, it's GTA V. Well, that and the Next Gen Consoles. Maybe Watch Dogs and Assassins Creed 4 as well.