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Grand Theft Auto V was bought multiple times by almost half of its install base, according to data farmed from gaming profile service PlayTracker. Some 45% of all GTA V owners bought the game more than once, and an estimated 37.3% of the total number of copies sold were to people who’d already bought GTA 5 before.
We had a little inkling that Grand Theft Auto V was doing alright, but now it’s set the granddaddy of all world records. According to research from MarketWatch, GTA V is now the highest grossing entertainment product there has ever been
Rockstar is spreading some festive cheer this week in Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online. As part of a special event, snow is now falling across the whole of Southern San Andreas, lending a distinctly festive feel to everyone’s hooker murdering.
Just when you thought you'd had enough of Grand Theft Auto V, a modder has brought the famous Ghost Rider Marvel superhero into the game, bringing another era of destruction into Los Santos. In case you were wondering, it is indeed possible slash people into ashes.
Take Two Interactive have revealed in their earnings call that Grand Theft Auto 5 has sold 65 million copies, selling 11 million since August of last year. The news come alongside the announcement that Rockstar is “hard at work on some exciting future projects that will be revealed soon”.
Grand Theft Auto then. I hear people like it. Well there’s good news and then there’s bad news when it comes to one of, if not the most popular game franchises of all time. Let’s get the bad news out of the way first - Rockstar began development on a GTA Tokyo, but the complicated layout of Tokyo’s streets forced them to abandon the project. It was originally intended to come out around the time of Vice City, presumably replaced by San Andreas. It would have been the most remarkable departure yet made for the series, but sadly it wasn’t to be.
Despite thousands upon thousands of gamers gaining access to The Division’s Closed Beta, we still didn’t get a firm idea of just how big the digital recreation of Manhattan is. Players only had access to a relatively tiny chunk, but YouTuber MacroStyle made busy with some serious cartographing and got to comparing The Division’s world with the current open-world golden boys - Fallout 4 and Grand Theft Auto V.
Shawn Fonteno, the actor behind Grand Theft Auto V’s Franklin, has sparked rumours of imminent single-player DLC coming to Rockstar’s open-world behemoth. A new Instagram post by Fonteno shows the voice and motion-capture artist say in a full mo-cap suit at the Rockstar offices.
Whatever you thought of Watch Dogs, it was ultimately disappointing when stood up to that awesome E3 gameplay reveal. The concept is absolutely sound. The execution; not so much so. The one shining light however was the hacking, which transformed car chases and led to some heart-pounding moments as you raised town-bridges before soaring oven them into a multi-storey car park.
That's it, the first round is over. Six titles have managed to book a place in the finals, by hook or by crook. The first of these contenders to emerge, battered and bruised from a remarkably close scrape is Assassin's Creed Syndicate. Ubisoft's open-world series has managed a remarkable turnaround from last year's messy outing and it's made all the difference here.
After yesterday's open-world face off, it's time for two more titans in the genre. This esteemed pair have both made it to their fifth iteration, and have been critically and commercially acclaimed for every one of their five outings. It's two of the most recognisable franchises in gaming today. It's Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain vs Grand Theft Auto V. What a showdown.