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The latest round of PlayStation Plus titles have been revealed, with Grow Home the winner of Sony’s first Vote to Play ballot. The new initiative has subscribers voting out of choice of three games, with one heading to PlayStation Plus and the other two receiving discounted prices.
The Ubisoft name has all too quickly become synonymous with AAA titles and system requirements high enough to make a grown assassin weep. Now though it's handed the reins over to its UK-based developer Ubisoft Reflections for an altogether more low-key and experimental affair - Grow Home. Taking direct control over the limbs of a robot named BUD, the player must grow and climb a gigantic star plant to reach new lands, dynamically altering the world in a non-linear fashion.
Ubisoft has announced the latest in its series of indie-like homegrown projects following the success of Child of Light and Valiant Hearts - Grow Home. From Ubisoft’s England-based arm Reflections, Grow Home is a PC-exclusive experiential adventure climbing game. Players take control of a little robot called BUD (Botanical Utility Droid), who is sent on a mission to scour the universe for a new species of plant with which to oxygenate his homeworld.