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Yesterday evening ArenaNet hosted a live showcase for the reveal of Path of Fire, an all-new Guild Wars 2 expansion pack which is due in just over a month’s time. That’s a really swift turnaround between announcement and launch, and in a neat twist, ArenaNet is providing Guild Wars 2 players with a chance to try out the expansion next weekend as part of a free preview event.
ArenaNet has announced Guild Wars 2’s first ever expansion pack, Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, which will give players of the MMORPG an all-new area to explore - Maguuma Jungle. Continuing on from the events of the Living Story, players must embark on an epic quest line to destroy the dragon Mordremoth.
A chance to explore the delights of Guild Wars 2 has been announced by  developers ArenaNet.
The MMO that was supposed to take down the colossus World of Warcraft; Guild Wars 2. Whilst that didn't quite happen, GW2 still brought many revolutionary features to the MMO world, some that were immediately copied by other MMO's.
When Guild Wars 2 was first released, it was said the game would raise further funds for continued development by releasing large, paid expansion packs.
There has been a lot of criticism towards ArenaNet and their MMO Guild Wars 2 recently, most of that regarding botting. Like in any MMO, and actually in almost any online game, botters are present, and Guild Wars 2 is no exception.
Many MMO's have their special holiday events, such as Halloween and Christmas. Guild Wars 2 the latest MMORPG will be no exception.
Guild Wars 2 will receive consistent free content according to Colin Johanson, game directer of ArenaNet.
Guild Wars 2 is a good looking game. But what if you don't have a high end PC to play it on?
Guild Wars 2 digital sales are temporarily suspended because the game currently has too many players. Allowing more players would cause further instability to their servers.
Bill Freist, Quality Assurance department for ArenaNet, tells us a bit about the Guild Wars 2 optimization process.