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Halo Online ElDewrito 0.6, a free community-made mod for Halo Online, is on the receiving end of legal action from Microsoft. ElDewrito is a mod for Halo Online, a canceled free-to-play PC version of Halo 3’s multiplayer that was only due to launch in Russia.
Whisper it quietly, but the free-to-play Halo Online actually looks pretty decent. Footage coming out from the Russian close beta suggests it could be the Halo for PC we’ve always been waiting for, offering up a game that, so far, looks extremely comparable to Halo 3, complete with action on the sprawling Valhalla map.
Late last week Microsoft announced a free-to-play Halo game would be coming to PC, in Russia only for now. In development at Saber Interactive, the first gameplay footage of Halo Online has leaked in a 17-minute video.