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The space-salvaging, break-it-apart simulator Hardspace: Shipbreaker has now officially launched on Steam Early Access. Do you think you’ve got what it takes to take up these dangerous tasks? Hardspace Shipbreaker lets you enjoy the wonders (and dangers) of space as you precariously make your way through the various ships that require your service.
No one talks about them, but they’re the silent heroes of all your favorite sci-fi films. Without them, there would be no Millenium Falcon, or even the Death Star. Who repairs the ships after seeing them get ripped to shreds in cosmic dog fights, up in the galactic sky? Well, now’s your chance to be that guy, in Hardspace: Shipbreaker, a space sandbox salvaging game where players get to carefully break apart ships for salvage and money.
Homeworld 3 - and Focus Home Interactive have announced that it will be coming to Steam Early Access sometime around Summer this year.