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We’ve got some very interesting news for everyone who’s looking to play Cyberpunk 2077 on their PC systems, as it will only support the DirectX12 API, meaning that Windows 10 and Windows 7 will be the only supported operating systems.
A photo has just been leaked online which could possibly be the design for the upcoming next-gen GPU RTX 3080 Ti by ASUS. It’s suspected that the photo is from an internal meeting at ASUS to discuss the potential designs for Nvidia’s next-gen cards. It shows a Black and Silver color scheme as well as 3 axial-tech based fans and a very large heatsink underneath. The title of the slide translates to “next-generation ROG STRIX”.
Kojima’s controversial yet undeniably stunning literal-walking simulator Death Stranding is finally gracing our PC systems in a couple weeks' time after being a PlayStation 4 exclusive for just over half a year. But according to an Nvidia press release, Death Stranding on PC will include their standout AI tech DLSS 2.0, and the performance benefits currently seem pretty incredible.
Last month had quite the reveal from Epic Games when they announced the Unreal Engine 5 with a stunning tech demo. There was a lot of nifty tech being used in the demo, but most importantly it allowed developers to include photorealistic textures and high quality geometry without sacrificing much on performance (though we’re pretty sure the demo ran at sub-30fps)
We’re still quite a way until the official release of Cyberpunk 2077 (which we hope won’t be delayed again) but at least we’ll have frequent updates in the form of Night City Wire until the November release. Nvidia has also recently teased us with some draw-dropping ray traced screenshots, and they have just again shared another 4 screenshots with RTX enabled in Cyberpunk 2077.
The chinese graphics card vendor SZ Galaxy has just listed a new and unannounced graphics card on their website, called the GTX 1650 Ultra. It’s been causing quite a bit of confusion online right now after Twitter user momomo_us spotted it online.
AMD’s next-gen graphics card isn’t exactly out just yet, the RDNA2-based Navi 21 GPU is rumored to be releasing in September and finally bring ray tracing capabilities to the AMD family. But some leaked code from the MacOS Big Sur preview have referenced a “Navi 31” GPU, which could possibly be the next big flagship GPU after the Big Navi. In other words, the Big Navi 2.
The next-gen consoles are just around the corner, or at least we think they are, there still isn’t a definitive release date yet apart from “Holiday 2020”. Either way, many of us are getting excited about the prospects of a brand new PlayStation or Xbox console, and many more have been debating for a while which one will be the most powerful.
When the next-gen consoles were announced a while ago, the big talking point initially was the ability to use ray tracing technology, and in the case of the PlayStation 5, the haptic feedback in the DualSense controllers. But the industry has now shifted to focus more on SSD’s and faster loading times, and according to the CEO of Anshar Studios, the reason is because it's a lot easier, as ray tracing and haptic feedback require much more R&D work.
Apple recently made headlines by officially confirming that they are splitting from Intel’s partnership and transitioning to their own custom ARM-based processors for Macbooks. It was quite the surprise, even though rumors of the split have been bubbling for a while, but a former Intel employee has claimed that the split was a result of poor quality assurance for Skylake by Intel.
PC Peripherals are a great way of extending the immersion in video games, especially more simulator-oriented genres. Stuff like racing wheels, joysticks, and of course, VR headsets, are all ways of enhancing that immersion felt within a certain game, and can even provide better control. The latest simulator that has caught everyone’s eye is 2020’s Microsoft Flight Simulator, and Thrustmaster have just unveiled a new product range for plane enthusiasts officially licensed by Airbus.