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Just as we were hoping for after last week’s tease, Gearbox and Blackbird Interactive have taken the wraps off Homeworld 3, the first numbered new outing in the acclaimed 3D space-based RTS since Homeworld 2 blasted off 16 years ago.
The official Homeworld Twitter account has sprung into life. After radio silence for almost a year, the Homeworld account simply said “Incoming Transmission”. Oh boy, this could be it, the return of an all-time strategy great.
Capcom has put an end to its teasing and revealed its exciting new hardware announcement! It’s a plug-and-play fight stick arcade system pre-installed with 16 ancient games. Errr…
Focus Home Interactive has dropped a big ol’ batch of new screenshots showcasing A Plague Tale: Innocence’s environments and it’s quietly looking pretty damn fantastic. Stills don’t paint the full picture of course, but there’s clearly some formidable craft going into this plague-ridden world.
Nintendo capped off its Nintendo Direct with the reveal of Animal Crossing, probably the most asked-for game on the system outside of Super Smash Bros which is out later this year.
Following last week’s Discord-like Steam Chat update, Valve is continuing to ring in the changes to Steam this week with the new Developer and Publisher Homepages.
If you’ve got a passing interest in game development, the new Humble CryEngine Bundle may be up your street. It’s a bit of a medley of CryEngine developed games and a whole bunch of assets if you’re looking at messing around with your own creation, although CryEngine has a reputation as one of the more unforgiving game engines for budding developers. Wrap your head around it though and it’s capable of creating some of the best looking games in existence.
Nintendo has long been onto a winner with the Switch, and now the numbers are backing up the hype. Nintendo has revealed the Nintendo Switch is now the fastest-selling home console in history in the US, reaching 4.8 million consoles sold within just 10 months.
Ever the pioneers of eSports, Blizzard has taken the next logical step by announcing a state-of-the-art live eSports arena to be opened in Los Angeles. The Blizzard Arena Los Angeles will play host to a variety of competitions once its doors open on October 7th, including a $250,000 Hearthstone tournament and the Overwatch Season One Playoffs.
Turning up a little late to the E3 part, Cyanide Studios and Focus Home Interactive have revealed some of the first gameplay footage to be taking from cosmic horror adventure game Call of Cthulhu. Private investigator Edward Pierce has travelled to a shadowy island after reports of the death of an entire family. He’s trying to uncover the truth behind the events while his perception of reality becomes ever more twisted, the Great Dreamer wielding its influence over him
The Evil Within is back. Shinji Mikami’s messed up survival horror game evidently did well enough to demand a sequel, and The Evil Within 2 looks to take the franchise to weirder, darker places than ever before.