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inFamous: Second Son has seen the already impressive sales of the Playstation surge up by 106%, as Delsin’s superhero-power-fuelled adventure provide the jump in sales the PS4 needed in a post-Titanfall world.
InFamous: Second Son has received a Day One free update that adds a whopping 19 additional episodic story missions that will result in around 5 extra hours worth of gameplay, says developer Sucker Punch.
InFamous: Second Son comes exclusively to PlayStation 4 this time next week, but if you can’t wait that long to get your fix of wanton, mindless violence and destruction, never fear! Sucker Punch has released an official 8 minutes of play-through showing the “Evil Karma” path players opt for as the control protagonist Delsin…
inFamous: Second Son isn’t even out the door yet but already the wheels are in motion for the DLC set to arrive for Sony’s flagship franchise.
inFamous: Second Son - the upcoming PS4 exclusive from Sucker Punch - got a bunch of new screens recently, alongside more information about the various ways in which the game can be played.
Poor Playstation 4 owners might not have Titanfall to look forward to in March, but if they can stop sobbing mechanoid tears for a moment they’ll remember they’ve got their very own big-hitter arriving, inFamous: Second Son.
Sucker Punch has released a bunch of new screenshots for its upcoming PS4 exclusive inFamous: Second Son.
Sucker Punch used the PlayStation 4 All Access event in New York City last night to show off a brand new trailer for their upcoming game, inFamous: Second Son.
inFamous: Second Son is getting its very own PS4 console bundle, with a pack shot of what the bundle will look like outed on a European retail site.
Sucker Punch, the guys behind the "inFamous" Series are bringing us the next part, Second Son.
New details has been revealed for "Infamous: Second Son", an upcoming open world action-adventure video game and sequel to the original Infamous.