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With the absolute mess that game storefronts and launchers are in right now, I was inordinately excited to see an invite to the GOG Galaxy 2.0 closed beta finally plop into my inbox. A new gaming client isn’t exactly at the top of my wishlist, you see, but GOG Galaxy 2’s relatively unique promise is a simple one - unify all of your gaming clients, libraries, and friends lists into a single spot.
Ah, Agent 47, you still live. Hitman 2 was a great game possibly released at the wrong time, failing to linger in the backs of our minds for very long. The excellent sandbox assassination sim is being thrust back into the spotlight this week though, with one more chance of stardom, courtesy of the newly unveiled New York level.
We’re now in what I like to call the eye of the storm. The madness of E3 is past us, the crazy release schedule beginning late-August is right around the corner. And here we are, in the middle, with nothing but a hail mary and a Steam summer sale. It’s a quiet time, a time to clear out the backlogs and rummage through the sales, punctuated by the release of the most exciting game of the year - Judgment. Don’t @ me.
Arma 3’s sci-fi ‘Contact’ expansion is arriving next month, bringing an all-new alien menace as well as the 163 square kilometre expanse of Livonia to explore. Details have been a bit sketchy about what it all entails but Bohemia Interactive has now dropped an extensive new sandbox trailer that delves into many of the goodies that are in-store.
Electronic Arts isn’t just dipping its toes into Games-as-a-Service (GaaS) these days, so much as storming in like a rhino at a tea party. So, with an air of inevitability, it comes as little surprise to hear EA CEO Andrew Wilson explain how GaaS is now “foundational” for gaming’s future.
A salute please, for Steel Division 2 has finally launched after umpteen delays. Developer Eugen Systems are flying solo for this one, having leaned on Paradox for publishing duties with the original.
We’ve been wondering for a while what Bungie’s split from Activision would mean for the Destiny franchise, along with whether this could pave the way for wholesale changes. The answer is an emphatic ‘yes’.
We’re still 10 months away from consuming the juicy meal that is Cyberpunk 2077, but already CD Projekt RED is teasing us with the dessert menu. The launch is just the beginning for the hyper-ambitious sci-fi RPG. Once we’ve sunk 100 hours into the main campaign, CDPR UI coordinator Alvin Liu said we can expect Witcher 3-style future expansions to build on the game.
While CD Projekt RED is earning all the headlines (hopefully) cooking up something special with Cyberpunk 2077, it’s also got a few other buns in the oven, so to speak. Chiefly, CDPR is still forging ahead with Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, its free-to-play spin-off based on The Witcher 3’s heinously popular in-game activity.
The original Steel Division was a great game hampered by one or two teething issues. Steel Division 2 is out this Thursday and provides some sweeping enhancements, including a 1:1 scale dynamic campaign mode, more than 600 unique units, and support thousands of units on maps stretching up to 150x100km. It's World War 2 on an epic scale, but are Steel Division 2's PC system specs just as epic? Let's find out.
The Battle of the TFLOPS is about to begin in earnest. Both Sony and Microsoft have their next-generation consoles cresting the horizon, and both will be trying the outmuscle the other in terms of being the fastest console on the market. Right now though, it appears it’s advantage PlayStation 5, with a number of developers alluding to Sony’s console being faster than Xbox Scarlett.



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