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A genuine strategy classic, the long-running Romance of the Three Kingdoms series makes its return next month on PC withRomance of the Three Kingdoms XIV. It's a large-scale  turn-based tactical role-playing simulation grand strategy game depicting the classical period of China. Three warring nations are vying for control of more than 340 regions. It's time to brew a nice cuppa and get strategising, here are the Romance of the Three Kingdoms 14 PC system specs.
If, for whatever reason, Total War: Three Kingdoms didn’t quite scratch that historical strategy itch, the ever-industrious Koei Tecmo is back with another take courtesy of the newly-announced Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV. The grand strategy sequel has been announced off the back of Koei Tecmo knocking it out of the park with Fire Emblem: Three Houses so they could be on a hot streak.
The popular Total War Three Kingdoms gets its next DLC, the chapter pack called 8 Princes and it releases on 8th August.
Total War 3 Kingdoms, Creative Assembly's most successful Total War release to date, has just seen the release of eagerly awaited mod support. A staple among strategy fans, Total War has grown from strength to strength, most recently breaking into the Chinese market to smash franchise sales records with this Chinese history focused version of Total War.
As is customary with Total War these days, Creative Assembly has taken its gloves and delivered a blood-splattered new DLC for Total War: Three Kingdoms.
In week or so since it came out, Total War: Three Kingdoms has enjoyed the best launch yet for a Total War game. Creative Assembly has said it's already smashed through 1 million sales on Steam. It's well deserved, as you can find out in our TW: Three Kingdoms review. Three Kingdoms: Total War can be a very demanding game though, especially when it comes to the CPU. Your processor is tasked with handling large troop numbers, strategic battles, and AI turns.
Total War: Three Kingdoms has enjoyed a total blockbuster launch weekend. Peaking at 191K concurrent players, TW3K is the most successful launch in Total War franchise history. Potentially millions of us have lived through a bleary-eyed weekend of one-more-turn and chin-stroking strategising. But, Total War: Three Kingdoms isn't a game without its share of technical hiccups and performance issues on PC. 
It’s Total War: Three Kingdoms' launch day tomorrow and Creative Assembly is already getting busy putting together its post-launch content plans. As it’s first new historical era game for six years, they’re putting some large efforts into expanding the project over the coming years.
Following on from our Total War: Three Kingdoms graphics card performance benchmarks and graphics settings analysis, it's time to hone in one graphics setting in particular - Unit Size.
Would you believe it's been almost six long years since we last got a mainline Total War historical strategy game? It was Rome II, if you can remember that far back. After a lengthy sojourn into the realms of Warhammer, CA has brought it all back home with Total War: Three Kingdoms, a sprawling historical RTS and 4X hybrid based on Ancient Chinese warring dynasties.
The grandaddy of strategy is back. After forays into the world of Warhammer, the Total War series returns to its historic roots for the mainline series. Total War: Three Kingdoms lets players become a ruling warlord in Ancient China, plotting, scheming, and engaging in all-out war.