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A second batch of downloadable content has been made available for Far Cry 4 season pass holders. The Hurk Deluxe DLC adds all-new story missions and a stack of new weapons to obliterate your foes, including a rather tasty looking harpoon gun. Thanks Ubi, because that wouldn’t have been mighty handy in Far Cry 3’s tropical waters.
Ubisoft has announced that its upcoming turn-based RPG Child Of Light will release a Deluxe Edition retail copy in the EU for the PC, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions of the game. Previously the title was planned to be digital release only.
Beli-eve it or not, Eve Online officially entered its second decade of existence this year. Yes, a decade. Outlasting Youtube, Facebook and The Beatles career, developer CCP games is celebrating this hugely successful achievement by releasing a beautiful looking box-set to mark the first steps into the great wide yonder over the next decade.