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Whisper it quietly, but the upcoming Mafia III is looking mighty promising. There’s been few open-world games which have got anywhere near the greatness of GTA 5 in the three years since its launch, could Hangar 13 have the first challenger on its hands? You can decide for yourself with an extended look of Mafia III in the latest trailer.
Hangar 13 and 2K Games have revealed a new trailer for Mafia III, turning the spotlight on protagonist Lincoln Clay. Back from fighting in the grim trenches of the Vietnam War, Lincoln is back on the streets of New Bordeaux and seeking revenge for his black mob family which was all but wiped out by the Italian Mafia.
Its time for my next free game giveaway. In this weeks giveaway, I will be offering a lucky winner a choice from 3 games that are not yet out. The games are on our horizon and like me, you are probably eyeing them, pondering whether or not to get one when they do release. Perhaps you have pre ordered one already. The choice will be from No Mans Sky, Mafia 3 and Deus Ex Mankind Divided (which seems pretty quiet at the moment, making me think that the new Deus Ex might slip from its Aug 23rd release date).
2K shed some more light on the New Orleans underworld in Mafia III, with their pre order DLC Kick Back Trailer. It highlights bonus content which will be available to those who preorder the game, and includes 3 cars and 3 weapons.
If I could chalk up one major complaint about Mafia II, it would probably be targeted at its city. It just wasn’t all that interesting; identikit streets and lacking that lived in vibe. Making the city of New Bordeaux as important as any of Mafia 3’s main characters is a top priority for Hangar 13, who in a new trailer details the nine distinct districts which will form Mafia III’s world.
2K has dropped a brand new Mafia III trailer, and this one’s bringing the hype. The One Way Road story trailer takes the wraps off of a few of Mafia 3’s plot points, along with teeing up its thematic influences. The switch to 60’s New Orleans has undeniably made it a very different beast to the previous Mafia outings, and it’s easy to get some serious Vice City vibes from the way it which it encapsulates the crime drama of its particular period.
Online stores are doing a very good job of leaking release dates these days, with Mafia III the next in line. Someone’s probably going to wearing concrete boots for letting this one out the bag, with no less than three online retailers corroborating an April date for 2K Games’ 60s crime-em-up.
With the obscene success of Grand Theft Auto 5, you’d probably forgive Take-Two for attempting to capitalise on it. It was revealed that the open-world crime-em-up had shifted 54 million copies earlier today, but Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick insists he doesn’t want Mafia 3 to be anything like Rockstar’s iconic series.
The world’s first Mafia III trailer has been revealed. 2K Games and Hangar 13’s open-world mobster tale is coming in 2016, but on the basis of this early trailer it's looking in fine shape already.
Mafia III developer 2K Czech is closing its Prague office where the game is suspected to be in development. Lay-offs and staff moves to another office in Brno appear to indicate that development on Mafia III may be in limbo.
2K Czech has posted a job listing for a new, unannounced triple-A Project, which could very well be Mafia III.