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The anticipated PC launch of Mafia: Definitive Edition is nearly here, as the full blown remake brings the original classic to modern systems with a fresh coat of paint. But whilst we’re all excited to get our hands on it, when exactly does it launch on PC and consoles? How soon can you start playing it? We’ve listed here the official launch times for Mafia: Definitive Edition on PC and consoles.
Denuvo Anti-tamper is a hot topic amongst PC players, and for good reason too, though it is largely understandable as to why companies would choose to implement it. Regardless of that, what’s interesting is that 2K seems to have quietly updated the Steam Store page for Mafia: Definitive Edition to include a Denuvo Anti-tamper warning.
The life of a gangster is nearly upon us, as Mafia: Definitive Edition launches in just 9 days. But the remake has been created from the ground up with all new visuals and graphical fidelity, so how demanding is it? The official PC system requirements for the Mafia remake have been revealed, and they're not too far off from those early preview build specs.
We're less than 2 weeks away from the official launch of Mafia: Definitive Edition, the full on remake of the original 2002 classic. Since it has been rebuilt from the ground up, expectations are pretty high for graphical fidelity, and whilst we haven't got any official PC system requirements yet, apparently the system specs for the preview build have just been revealed.
The upcoming remake of the original prohibition-era crime story has unfortunately been delayed due to the current coronavirus pandemic. Mafia: Definitive Edition will now launch a month later on September 25th. Fortunately though, we have an official gameplay reveal on our way in 2 weeks on July 22nd, which will hopefully tide us over until the final release launch.
Just when we thought we couldn’t get more excited for the reveal from 2K about that Mafia: Trilogy remaster, it seems like Microsoft accidentally may have spilled some more information about the games ahead of time on their official Windows Store. The store page, which has now since been deleted, showed a few juicy screenshots of the original 2002 game remastered in gorgeous HD and modern graphics.