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Recently there’s been some news on the web that the recent crossover of releases from EA’s Origin client to Steam’s digital storefront have brought about some pretty rocky performance issues. This has apparently been going on for a little while now, but the issues still haven’t been fixed, so this is partly a warning to anyone thinking of purchasing any of EA’s games on Steam, and also partly a hub for anyone who manages to find a fix, whether temporary or not.
I know there are those out there who take their Mass Effect lore pretty seriously. Those who can tell what planet an Asari is from based on their hairstyle, or have learnt how to drive a M35 Mako in real life. For those people, Mass Effect: Andromeda is going to be a huge event. After the divisive and hugely controversial ending to Mass Effect 3, there are probably plenty wondering just how BioWare intends to continue this epic tale.
BioWare producer Cameron Lee has given a little more insight into the world of Dragon Age: Inquisition, as well as comparing the game’s plot and overarching narrative to Mass Effect 3.
If you happen to own Mass Effect 3 and you're looking forward to Dead Space 3, you might be interested to hear that the N7 suit will be making an appearance.
First DLC for the single player section of Mass Effect 3, Leviathan, was announced a few weeks back, but until now we weren't able to receive a release date or a purchase price.
Mass Effect 3's next in line DLC 'Earth' is gaining momentum with each new tid bits released. Latest is news about it's multiplayer, detailed overview on it's character classes coupled with new images. With new set of Earth-based maps, this new DLC also has six new characters to the mix. A sweet lineup for fans of the franchise. 
Been under a rock? Then let me tell you that the Mass Effect trilogy by EA and Bioware has been a monster of a gaming sci-fi series and the concluding episode, Mass Effect 3, came out about a month ago. Gamers have invested huge numbers of hours developing their character's and saving the universe. The final episode was then expected to deliver a grand finale. One which would help everyone comprehend the intriguing relationships that had been built up along the way, while also wrapping up the many plot lines in a spectacular way.
We spotted this over on Bioware's forum, about the Mass Effect 3 day one DLC. The obvious point here is that it the DLC is for sale and many gamers think that it should be available and included as part of "the full game", as it is ready on day one. Is this the slippery slope where gamers are sold fragments of games, turning game purchasing into a kind of micro transaction process at every turn. We have seen something similar in the Free To Play(F2P) market model, this approach may be something that sits between the regular retail and F2P.
Mass Effect Demo is due today, 14th Feb 2012 at 8pm GMT or 12 Noon PST (An hour and a half from this News item). So all those people not really interested in Valentines day can spend it blasting through the galaxy. Awesome!
Biowares, Chris Priestly has announced the Mass Effect 3 system requirements and ME3 Demo date.
It seems like EA is intent on making everyone use their new Origin program. In order to play their big 2011 release Battlefield 3 Origin was required. Apparently EA want more users, so their next big realease Mass Effect 3 will require Origin. this is regardless of whether it is a digital download or a physical copy.