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If you’re scratching around for something do this weekend while everyone plays Red Dead Redemption 2, 4A Games is currently giving away Metro 2033 for the princely sum of nothing over on Steam.
The old adage that bigger is better is being adopted at 4A Games in lavish style for Metro Exodus. The eagerly anticipated first-person shooter drops in February 2019, promising to be both a graphical and content-packed behemoth,
The script for Metro Exodus has been nailed down, 4A Games has said, with its final narrative being larger than Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light’s stories combined.
Metro Redux is out on PC this week, so we thought we'd give it a whirl to see how well it performs on the PC gaming hardware of yesteryear. Packing a whole host of graphical improvements and, hopefully, optimisations, Metro 2033 Redux is easily the most improved out of the two. With that it mind we put 4A Games' reworking through its paces, to see whether it's worth gamers on lower-end systems forking out for this upgraded version. 
Deep Silver and 4A games officially announced its next-gen remastered Metro Redux last week, and have just unveiled a few more screenshots for the game.
We know there’s not much out there that’s a sterner test on a gaming PC’s power than the glorious pairing that is Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light. Never in our lives has staring at a subway tunnel looked so damn good.