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Last week, Epic Games released Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition as their free game of the week. With that though, they teased their next free game, For The King, but yesterday revealed a second game entirely by surprise. Metro Last Light Redux is the second free game on the Epic Games Store this week.
Deep Silver and Epic Games made a pretty surprising announcement during GDC 2019, claiming the Epic Store exclusive release of Metro Exodus sold 2.5x more units than Metro: Last Light sold on Steam when it launched in 2013.
The old adage that bigger is better is being adopted at 4A Games in lavish style for Metro Exodus. The eagerly anticipated first-person shooter drops in February 2019, promising to be both a graphical and content-packed behemoth,
A couple of weeks ago we ran some frames per second gameplay tests on the GD Machine 2014 for Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light, taking in-game average frame rates for 4A Games’ stunningly beautiful shooter.
We know there’s not much out there that’s a sterner test on a gaming PC’s power than the glorious pairing that is Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light. Never in our lives has staring at a subway tunnel looked so damn good.
Deep Silver have unveiled the release date and details of the third DLC for Metro: Last Light and it’s looking as promising as ever.
Metro: Last Light’s second piece of DLC has been dated. 'The Tower Pack’ will arrive on 3rd September on Steam, PSN and Xbox Live. EU Playstation users will have to wait another day.
Metro: Last Light was released just last week, and 4A games have now announced their DLC plans for the summer.
Many people have been reporting problems with their AMD cards while running Metro: Last Light. We anticipated this.
The long awaited sequel to Metro 2033, Metro Last Light, releases in the US tomorrow, and Nvidia have already released the new optimised drivers for it.
Metro: Last Light, the sequel to one of the most demanding games ever released, is coming next month and the long awaited system requirements have finally been published.