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Minecraft’s seemingly infinite world is going to be defying all logic and becoming even larger next year thanks to the announcement of Minecraft: Dungeons. Doing exactly what it says on the block, Minecraft: Dungeons is a classic-style dungeon crawler set within the Minecraft universe. Minecraft wouldn’t be Minecraft with multiplayer support though, and up to four players can head into the dungeons cooperatively.
Not ones to be outdone, Mojang and Microsoft have revealed that sales of Minecraft have reached a staggering 144 million across all platforms, with a hugely impressive retention of 74 million active monthly players.
Phew, we're at the three-quarters mark. 33 game franchises have bit the dust in our quest to find out which videogame series are best in 2017. For round 12 it's the social life crushing Football Manager v the herculean Minecraft, super-cereal Arma, and everyone's favourite bald-pated Hitman. All you need to do is voe for your favourite game series.
The end truly is nigh for fans of block bashing. Microsoft’s takeover of the Minecraft franchise has truly reached its zenith with the introduction of a digital storefront loaded with microtransactions, all payable through packs of Minecraft Coins (MC). These coins can be bought in packs, including denominations of 300 MC for $1.99, 840 MC for $4.99, and 1,720 coins for $9.99.
Pokemon GO is big. Like, ridiculously huge. In fact, It’s now more talked about on the internet than Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft, Battlefield and E3 combined. It is, to put it bluntly, the most popular game in the world right now, absolutely stomping over the likes of Candy Crush Saga and Clash Royale. You can also check out our sister site Phone Debate that specialises in seeing how well your phone can play Pokemon Go.
Mojang has announced Minecraft sales have cruised past a mind boggling 100 million units. It means Minecraft is now comfortably the second best selling game of all time, although it still falls significantly short of the 495 million achieved by Tetris. I doubt Mojang and Microsoft are letting that get them down though. In fact, sales of Minecraft since Microsoft’s acquisition two years ago have now eclipsed total sales in the five years before the purchase. Gulp.
Just when you thought Minecraft couldn’t possibly find a way to continue generating revenue, the folks at Mojang go and find a new way to package the game that has stolen the heart of young gamers everywhere (and some old ones too, I’m sure). A competitive PvP mode called Battle will be coming to the console edition of Minecraft in June, for the low, low cost of absolutely free.
It seemed practically an inevitability, but Mojang and Microsoft have finally announced that Minecraft will be getting official Oculus Rift support. Finally, my dream of being an actual miner without fear of cave-ins, explosions and dangerous levels of sulphur can finally be realised. Now I just need to watch out for them pesky Creepers.
Telltale’s Minecraft: Story Mode is the absolute antithesis of everything Minecraft is, but that in itself is what compels me to play the upcoming episodic adventure. We’ve got a busy few months of gaming coming up, but Telltale seems set on making it even busier by announcing the premiere of Minecraft: Story Mode, with the first of five episodes dropping on 13th October worldwide. The inaugural episode will be called The Order of the Stone.
It might not be Minecraft 2, but Felix’s prediction that a Windows 10-specific Minecraft would be coming still rings true. Microsoft announced during the annual MineCon event a Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition is in the works, with a beta version going live on July 29th.
Everyone’s favourite mining convention took place this weekend. No, not the proper mining conventions selling you deadly pickaxes and canaries, but the Minecraft fan get together. Ok, so there was probably plenty of foam pickaxes. It’s the first MineCon to have the shadow of Microsoft’s corporate dollars looming over it, and it was the moment Telltale finally unearthed actual footage of its episodic adventure series - Minecraft: Story Mode.