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We're in a strange time where a game is coming out in less than 10 days and yet there's not a whole lot promoting out. We're also only now getting some crucial information in the way of the official Godfall PC system requirements, and they seem to be missing some important details as well.
Last month, AMD posted a blog which detailed the performance benefits of increased VRAM in their graphics cards, specifically the RX 5500 XT GPU. Whilst it was definitely a marketing asset - trying to convince consumers to purchase higher variants of the same card they already own - it did show some interesting results. Comparing between the 8GB and 4GB variants of the 5500 XT, AMD saw up to a 24% increase in performance across 5 different AAA titles.
There's probably only thing better than finding out Resident Evil 3 Remake was in development, and that's finding out it launches in just four months' time. a PS1 classic given a new lease of life, RE3 Remake welcomes back Jill Valentine alongside Carlos Oliveira for a terrifying trip through Raccoon City. Resident Evil 3 Remake also includes the Resident Evil Resistance 1v4 online multiplayer mode. With four months to go, Capcom has already revealed the minimum system specs required to run Resident Evil 3.
Length. Always a thorny issue. It’s not the length it’s what you can do with it, yadda yadda. With video games though, we’re obsessed with. Do we sit around desperately asking how many pages a new book is? Would we honestly be pleased if we had to sit through a five-hour Marvel movie? Are all great albums over two hours long? The answer to all of these questions is probably, and I suspect quite emphatically, no. 
A brand new AAA Half-Life game. Who'd have thought it? Many a year has passed since Half-Life 2 arrived along with a little bit of software called Steam. As is standard with change, everyone hated Steam until they didn't, and it's now the de facto PC gaming platform. But while Steam flourished, Half-Life withered. Not anymore. Half-Life: Alyx is a VR exclusive coming to Steam in March 2020. 12 years is a long time in gaming tech though, so you'll need quite a rig if you hope to run it.
UPDATE: Gears 5 has taken centre stage at Gamescom 2019 for Microsoft. It's their tent-pole release this autumn and it's also kick-starting another big change for PC gamers - Gears 5 is launching on Steam day and date with the Windows Store version. In amongst all the new trailers and whatnot though, Gears 5 developer The Coalition also provided the finalised PC system specs for Gears of War 5, as well as news ofsome juicy PC-exclusive features.
Jump Force arrives on February 15th, a day that's shaping up to be a very hectic Friday indeed. Bandai Namco's Jump Force is a fantastic looking fighter that blends many manga universes and heroes together, including One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh and more. It's coming to PC day and date with consoles and the final system specs for Jump Force have now been revealed.
UPDATE: Capcom has updated the official PC system requirements for Devil May Cry 5. They've had a little play around as we near DMC5's March 8th launch date, tweaking several important specs and simultaneously making Devil May Cry 5 easier to run whilst also raising the recommended specs.
UPDATE: They've left it spectacularly late to reveal the recommended system requirements for Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2, but Tindalos has finally revealed them on the day of the sci-fi RTS game's launch.
UPDATE: Following on front last month's preliminary specs, EA has revealed the final PC system requirements for Anthem. BioWare's sci-fi online RPG is quite the looker, impressing us several times since its reveal back in 2017. Anthem looks as if it's going to be quite the test for any rig, particularly if you plan to max out Anthem's PC graphics settings.
The time has come. Valve is about to release its first non-VR game since DOTA 2 all the way back in 2013. Artifact is a collectible card game based in the DOTA 2 universe, overseen by legendary Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield. Like Blizzard, Valve tends to make games these days that will run on just about any system, and based on the Artifact PC system requirements, Artifact is going to be no different.