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Here’s one to wrap your head around. Natural Selection 2, the fantastic standalone sequel to the marines versus aliens mod for the original Half-Life, is going back into development. Unknown Worlds launched the FPS that fused in RTS elements back in 2012, before moving on underwater survival game Subnautica.
Natural Selection 2 developer Unknown Worlds has released the first gameplay screenshots of its surreal underwater adventure, Subnautica.
The original Natural Selection was a Half-Life mod, and while popular, it was restricted in many ways by the engine. The sequel, Natural Selection 2, has grown to be so much more.
It can be so easy to keep following the known paths, to strive to make things easily recognisable and in doing so become part of the problem.
Unknown Worlds Entertainment, the developers behind Natural Selection 2, have released a blog post that is stirring some discontent.
Natural Selection started out its life as a Half-Life mod back in 2002, and the creator then went on to build Natural Selection 2 with his own custom engine.
Our own Squee Reviews Natural Selection 2, a massive multi-player online shooter/RTS. Pitting aliens vs marines.