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That microtransaction controversy really is coming back to bite NBA 2K20 in its 7’2” tall ass. Everywhere you look, NBA 2K20 is receiving an absolute battering from users, whether that’s its “Overwhelmingly Negative” review score on Steam through to a stunning 0.8 User Score on Metacritic. 
NBA 2K20 is a game which is in massive danger of being completely overshadowed by its own loot boxes, gambling, and microtransaction controversies. For those after a decent hoop-shooter though, the NBA 2K series is still the best we've got. NBA 2K20 offers an upgrade motion engine, advanced shooting, new dribble size-up system, and more. As for the rig you'll need to play NBA 2K20, well, the system requirements for NBA 2K20 will be very familiar to NBA 2K19 fans.
UPDATE: The PEGI (Pan European Game Information) video game content ratings board has responded to the backlash to the recent NBA 2K20 trailer, admitting it has sparked “internal discussion” as to how gambling-like content is handled in games. Last week’s trailer was basically an advertisement for NBA 2K20’s many and varied types of monetisation schemes, including card packs, slot machines, loot boxes, roulette, and pachinko machines.
They’ve kept us waiting until the damn game is only five weeks away but 2K Sports have finally unleashed the first gameplay footage from the upcoming NBA 2K20.