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No matter what you think of the Epic Games Store, we all love a great deal. Arguably Epic has had some of the best deals for games in recent years thanks to their aggressive push for getting more and players on the storefront. Well, this week the annual Mega Sale has once again kicked off with unlimited $10 coupons, plus you can bag yourself a brand new free game.
Games are already getting more expensive thanks to next-gen console ushering in a new era of gaming, and whilst game development costs have been rising, game prices haven’t been keeping up the pace so far. So in some weird attempt to make even more money from players, 2K is apparently showing real ads in NBA 2K21 despite already being a full-priced AAA game.
2K's yearly outing in the basketball sports genre is launching next month with NBA 2K21, and whilst they always look pretty good with a decent coating of realistic-looking sweat on everyone's foreheads, the PC version has been reported to be the current-gen console version. So how demanding is it? Will the NBA 2K21 system specs make our PCs sweat like the players? Or are they relatively accessible? We dive in and take a look at the official NBA 2K21 PC system requirements...