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Need for Speed has had a rough history over the past decade, either coming out with an instant hit, an abysmal failure, or after a while becoming a cult classic like Need For Speed: Heat, has garnered quite the reputation lately for being an actually decent game. And with new DLC being released, it seems like EA, for once, has decided to not be greedy.
It’s very easy to forget but there’s a new Need For Speed game coming out in just over a week’s time. Hype’s understandably low because, to put it bluntly, the last few Need For Speed games haven’t exactly set the world alight. Still, that’s got to change eventually, right? Need For Speed Heat takes us to the sunny climes of Palm City, a fictionalised version of Miami, where all sorts of street racing hi-jinks are taking place, both legally and illegally.
Need For Speed Heat is the return of EA's classic racing franchise. This time we take to the streets of a fictional version of Miami for a host of illegal street races and both day and night racing. Like just about any NFS, Need For Speed Heat will at the very least look fantastic. Here are the official system specs needed to run NFS Heat.
In what’ll as immensely good news to anybody who had the unfortunate task of playing Need For Speed Payback - EA has confirmed Need For Speed Heat will not have any form of loot boxes whatsoever.
And the countdown is up - Need For Speed Heat has officially been revealed, and we've got the first trailer. All those leaks and rumours have turned out to be spot on. 
UPDATE 2: Well how's this for a surprise - the Need For Speed website has been updated and it looks as if the new game in the series is going to be revealed a week earlier than we expected.