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On the grand list of things that probably don’t need doing, a remaster of Neverwinter Nights is probably right up there. Not that the original’s bad of course, it’s a classic, but a simple resolution bump does little to cover up an early 3D RPG’s graphical blemishes. Time has not been kind to Neverwinter Nights in the same manner that it has to the classic Infinity Engine games like Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale.
Baldur’s Gate favourite, Minsc and Boo, are set to make a return. No, sadly not in a Baldur’s Gate 3, although that is sort of in the works, but in the D&D themed Neverwinter MMO, which is still toiling away in the gaming background.
Not content with tackling the MMORPG heavyweights that are The Lord of the Rings Online and Age of Conan: Unchained over the last few days, OSUBoarder's incessant march to 365 Days of Gaming continues unabated with yet another MMO hard-hitter, Neverwinter.
Neverwinter has forged its way onto Steam, bringing a huge new update in tow. Neverwinter’s Shadowmantle expansion is a totally free modular update that adds a new hunter class, as well as the Dread Ring campaign that has you battling to destroy the titular Valindra Shadowmantle herself.
As anyone who's played an amount of DnD can tell you, Modules are additional content packs that can be added into a campaign - and that's exactly what Neverwinter's latest module does.
Neverwinter is looking to be the first released of this years Fantasy MMO's, with several closed beta events already happening.
Many of us at GD Towers have played either Dungeons and Dragons, Neverwinter Nights, or both, and generally enjoyed them immensely.
Neverwinter, the online MMORPG based off the classic Dungeons and Dragons location, has released details about the upcoming closed and open Beta periods.
Over at The Cut Scene, they've got a juiccy bit of news for MMO and D&D fans. Looks like Cryptic Studios are adding Neverwinter Nights to their 'to-do' list of MMOs. Good news for 12th-level Rangers!