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A new trailer dropped for No Man’s Sky Next this week and it almost feels as if we’re back to the fever-pitched hype that preceded the original launch two years ago. Hello Games, and studio head Sean Murray in particular, were sacrificial lambs to the slaughter for a rabid fanbase that felt disappointed, perhaps even betrayed, by what space epic ultimately became.
Hello Games have dropped a brand spanking new trailer for No Man’s Sky Next, the latest chapter in the turbulent story that is No Man’s Sky. They call it Next of course, but it’s actually more akin to what we’d been hoping for at launch. It’s taken two years but they’ve finally got there though, and next week the free Next update rolls out with multiplayer support, unlimited base building, command freights, a visual overhaul, third-person mode, and plenty more.
It’s taken two years, but No Man’s Sky is finally getting full-blown multiplayer support as part of the free No Man’s Sky NEXT update this summer. There’s going to be actual PvP, aerial dogfighting, shared base-building, races, team-based multiplayer events, and you’ll actually encounter other players exploring the universe. It’s everything we ever wanted from No Man’s Sky in the first place, and Hello Games has got there, by hook or by crook.
Controversial space buccaneer Sean Murray has announced ‘Next’, the largest ever update for No Man’s Sky. The space exploration sim underwent some well documented rocky times during its launch in August 2016, but since then we’ve had some quality content updates in the form of Foundation, Pathfinder, Atlas Rises, and now: Next. Crucially, every one of these updates has been absolutely free, adding new features like base building, land-based vehicles, questing, and the embryonic stages of No Man’s Sky’s multiplayer features.
Despite No Mans Sky's frosty launch, Hello Games is intent on improving their game. Influenced by gamer feedback, the latest patch fixes graphical user interface issues as well as general tweaks to make the experience a better. The most pressing issue that was fixed was the problem of the save file becoming enormous. This patch will shrink its size so you don't have to worry about visiting multiple portals.
They don’t have awards for greatest patches of all time, but right now No Man’s Sky’s Atlas Rise 1.3 update would have to be placed near the top of the list. After teasing it for a month, Hello Games has dropped a new trailer and a full down of content for this ridiculous update. Highlights include more than 30 hours of story-based gameplay, 16-player co-op, terraforming, reworked space combat, low flight on planetary surfaces, a new alien race, a mission system, new ships, new biomes, new planet types, a new Galaxy Map. The list goes on and on. It’s the sort of thing you expect from a full-blown expansion pack, not a patch. Perhaps there’s life in No Man’s Sky yet.
It was exactly one year ago today that No Man’s Sky hilariously splatted onto the gaming world. It was a high profile disaster despite its indie origins. That didn’t stop Hello Games shifting several million copies of the game though, and they’ve spent the last 12 months trying to make things right. The next major 1.3 update is due for No Man’s Sky imminently, and Hello Games has teased that it’s going to be a biggie, expanding on the story elements and adding heaps of new features.
No Man’s Sky has just been patched with its second major content update and I have to admit it’s actually looks kind of amazing. Not only does the ‘Pathfinder’ update contain a wealth of graphics overhauls, but there’s also a bunch of gameplay tweaks, craftable vehicles to drive on the surfaces of planets, and the ability to store an entire suite of starships in your Freighter.
The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has rejected the claims that No Man’s Sky’s Steam store page deliberately misled consumers. The complainants “believed that some of the game content was not as depicted or described”. After a lengthy back and forth between the ASA, Hello Games, and Valve the verdict is that No Man’s Sky is not in breach of advertising regulations and no further action is required.
After two months of radio silence Hello Games has dropped the first free major content update for No Man’s Sky, available to download now. We found out the other day the Foundation Update was on its way, but now Hello Games has pushed it and revealed the full contents. Those who dubbed the controversial space epic ‘Early Access in disguise’ will have more fuel to stoke the fire because there’s absolutely heaps thrown into the mix here. Base-building is the big new feature, letting players craft their own home on an abandoned lump of rocks, dust, and copious supplies of Heridium, somewhere out there in the deep, dark, depths of space.
Well this was a surprise announcement. It turns out No Man’s Sky’s developer, Hello Games, has finally broken its silence after speculation that they’d closed down after the troubled release of No Man’s Sky. They have announced yesterday that we would be set to receive an update this week, with detailed patch notes to follow soon. The update has been dubbed the Foundation update, as they have said they have set the foundation for base building in game.