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We’ve all heard the stories of No Man’s Sky’s revival after a pretty rocky launch back in 2016, but the developers Hello Games don’t seem to be putting the brakes on at any point, in fact it seems like if anything they might be speeding up. The latest “Origins” update for No Mans Sky is so massive, it effectively doubles the game’s variety of… well, everything.
Did you ever play No Mans Sky and think, “Hey, this should be more like Dead Space.” No? Well the developers sure thought so, as the recent Desolation update has added some creepy derelict freighters, with procedurally-generated interiors that you can explore and even uncover certain mysteries surrounding the crew’s disappearance.
Good news Earth beings, not only is No Man's Sky coming to the Xbox Game Pass for PC today (June 11th), but it’s also getting cross-platform multiplayer support! So now you and some friends on different platforms can play together, plus with the sudden influx of new players thanks to the Game Pass, this will surely make the vast, expansive, empty universe feel just a little bit less lonely.
It’s safe to say that No Mans Sky has seen some pretty ambitious updates and improvements already, from massive overhauls like the Next and Beyond updates, to more wacky and interesting additions like the living ships and Exo Mech updates. But according to a new blog post on the No Mans Sky website, the developers, Hello Games, are planning some more “ambitious additions to the universe.”
Following on from the recent, living space ships update, No Mans Sky has just released another free update to the game: introducing the brand new Exo Mech suit, the Minotaur, that lets you traverse hazardous environments with ease. Along with the new Exo Mech are several additional features and Quality of life improvements like graphical fixes and the ability to build your base beyond its complexity limit.
No Man's Sky has seen a bit of a surge lately. The game that was surrounded by so much controversy leading up to and long after it’s release has been slowly updating and renewing itself. The game has almost garnered cult status with many old and new players becoming die-hard fans as of late, especially after the latest updates which brought multiplayer and VR capabilities to it. In a new update to the game, Hello Games has introduced “living ships”, a new class of rare, sentient spaceships. 
Here we go again. Hello Games has dropped the launch trailer for No Man’s Sky Beyond, the massive free update coming to No Man’s Sky next week. After three long years, they’re gearing up for what could well be the most ambitious update yet.
Hello Games really has put in a herculean effort with No Man’s Sky after its divisive launch. We’ve had numerous free content updates, including base building, vehicles, and more, as well as the prospect of VR support and full-blown multiplayer. There’s one more treat for PC gamers though, with the surprise announcement of Vulkan support for No Man’s Sky.
Hello Games and 505 Games gave announced No Man’s Sky: Beyond, a new content update for No Man’s Sky that promises to be the most ambitious update so far, weaving together three expansions in one big free update.
A new trailer dropped for No Man’s Sky Next this week and it almost feels as if we’re back to the fever-pitched hype that preceded the original launch two years ago. Hello Games, and studio head Sean Murray in particular, were sacrificial lambs to the slaughter for a rabid fanbase that felt disappointed, perhaps even betrayed, by what space epic ultimately became.
Hello Games have dropped a brand spanking new trailer for No Man’s Sky Next, the latest chapter in the turbulent story that is No Man’s Sky. They call it Next of course, but it’s actually more akin to what we’d been hoping for at launch. It’s taken two years but they’ve finally got there though, and next week the free Next update rolls out with multiplayer support, unlimited base building, command freights, a visual overhaul, third-person mode, and plenty more.