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Bigben Games and Appeal Studios’ curious Outcast remake will be out on November 14th, the publisher has confirmed. Outcast - Second Contact has totally remade the original game with updated visuals and a few modern gameplay leanings.
I look back at videos of it now and it makes my eyes bleed, but for a few weeks my childhood was absolutely consumed by a strange game called Outcast. In it you explored massive alien worlds connected by portals, and it was powered by voxel-based visuals the likes of which I’d never seen before, and haven’t really seen since. A studio announced back in 2014 it would be remaking Outcast as Outcast: Second Contact, although I wasn’t prepared for the first screenshots to look quite as fantastic as they do.
The criminally overlooked Outcast could be getting remade in spangly new HD if the Outcast Reboot HD Kickstarter hits its $600,000 goal.