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The Belgian Gaming Commission has followed in the footsteps of the Dutch authorities and declared that some loot boxes are in violation of gambling laws. The Gaming Commission analyses the loot boxes found in Star Wars Battlefront 2, FIFA 18, Overwatch, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, arriving at the conclusion that players are being misled and these loot crates present a danger to mental health.
Blizzard’s career page is always a veritable treasure trove of information, acting as informal PR agent to the developer's comings and goings. This time around a number of positions have opened up in regards to a new Overwatch project. They’re looking for interns to work at Blizzard during Summer 2018, including a Generalist artist with a “knowledge and understanding of the Overwatch universe.”
The global video games market has continued to balloon, growing 12% year-on-year for the month of June. This is offset somewhat by the PC sector, which has shrunk 16% after peaking high last year with the arrival of Overwatch. Social game revenue has also shrunk, dropping 5%, contrasted against a burgeoning mobile sector that still represents the biggest area of growth, gaining 17% revenue year-on-year.
Market analyst SuperData believes that Destiny 2 will be the biggest game on PC since Overwatch. Based on its own analytics-based metrics system, they predict more than three million copies of Destiny 2 will be sold within its first three months on sale. In total, they reckon digital sales in the first three months will be between 4 and 5 million copies on PC and consoles combined. Remember as well that the PC launch of Destiny 2 is some six weeks later than the console version.
Overwatch fans will be all too aware that Blizzard is hosting a one-year anniversary event for the best-selling first-person shooter. The anniversary event comes loaded with a huge assortment of cosmetic items and eleven Legendary skins, all of which are only unlockable in this timed event which runs until June 12nd. Should your inner OCD be tempting you into trying to unlock them all, you may want to stop right there. Reddit user ‘mynameismunka’ has been crunching the numbers and calculated that there aren't enough hours to possibly grind for Overwatch’s anniversary skins before the event is over.
In typical Blizzard form, Overwatch isn’t a graphical powerhouse. It makes up for this by oozing style. A style you either love or hate, but a style all the same. Blizzard’s aim with this was to get Overwatch running on as wide a range of PCs as possible, with the development team aiming to get it up and running on Intel integrated graphics in particular.
When it comes to Blizzard, it pays to never underestimate their astounding capacity for success. Overwatch has came, it’s seen, and it’s well and truly conquered the gaming landscape. Blizzard has now announced that there are more than 25 million Overwatch players spread across all three platforms, which truly is a monumental achievement in the span of eight months.
So what’s coming up in the Overwatch update has been bouncing around for some time now, but finally it seems that we can actually get our mitts on something tangible right this second. It isn’t really new that Symmetra has had a redesign being worked on for some time, but now we can actually see this on Public Test Realm right now, with their full release coming our way very soon. We’ve looked through the developer update to pick out the juicy bits if you want to know more of what’s coming for her, as well as info on a neat little social tool looking to be implemented.
Hey! You! Yeah… You! Overwatch is free this weekend! Just a quick shout out from us to any of you out there that haven’t felt the delicate touch of Overwatch on your... shoulder. Whether PC, Xbox One or PS4, Blizzard has announced that from 7pm UK time, 11am PST or 2pm ET you can finally have a pop at Overwatch on this most glorious of weekends and see if it’s for you without having to splash the cash.
Overwatch has been updated with Sombra, after what has been months upon months of clue, teasing and leaks. We saw her in action during BlizzCon 2016 last week and she looks as if she could be quite the game changer. She’s also joined by the new Arcade mode and the Ecopoint: Antarctica arena map.
I’ve only thought (or perhaps dreamed is the better term) of owning an incredible 21:9 ultra widescreen monitor. Being able to look at games like never before, with vast panoramas melting my eyeballs. I can very much understand why folks are buying them. They’re becoming increasingly popular, but Blizzard has only just got around to baking in 21:9 support to Overwatch some two months after launch. Only, this beautiful ultra widescreen mode doesn’t allow you to see more, in fact it means 21:9 gamers can see even less than their 16:9 counterparts.