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There have been some interesting developments in regards to the Fix Automata’s Resolution [FAR] mod for Nier Automata. Renowned modder Kaldaien created the mod, which includes additional graphics options, improves performance and fixes Nier Automata’s broken resolution scaling. It’s pretty much a vital mod if you want to play Nier Automata on PC. However, it now turns out that Kaldaien has inserted some code into the mod which can be used to block specific SteamIDs, preventing them playing the game.
Denuvo’s Anti-Tamper DRM always seems find a way to have the last laugh. After crackers blew Mass Effect Andromeda wide open last week, BioWare dropped a patch which significantly improved the visual and animation quality. That wasn’t all though, because it also included a secretive simultaneous update to its Denuvo protection.
In an intriguing move, Microsoft's reportedly offering owners of illegitimate copies of Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 in some territories the opportunity to upgrade to Windows 10 free of charge. In many territories pirated copies of Windows represent the vast majority, and Microsoft's looking to get all of these users on-board with its new operating system from day one.
The latest battle in the never-ending war between developers and pirates has seen The Talos Principle studio Croteam trap copyright-infringers in an elevator for eternity. In typical fashion the pirates began asking questions on forums, where it quickly became apparent that only a segment of the community was experiencing this strange ‘glitch’.
Far Cry 4 pirates have inadvertently been revealing themselves to Ubisoft developers following an early leaked version that didn’t feature a Field of View scaler (FOV). The option was swiftly added in a day one patch, but users playing the pirated version of course weren’t pulling their updates from Uplay’s servers.
Many players have inadvertently been reporting a glitch found in The Sims 4 that appears to only apply to pirated copies. The pixel bug eventually turns the entire screen into a headache-inducing mosaic, and unwitting pirates have been reporting the problem directly to EA and developer Maxis on Twitter.
Ubisoft has spoken out about the issue of DRM, admitting that it is an ineffective way of stopping piracy. VP of digital publishing Chris Early claimed that given enough time pirates could crack anything, so the resulting DRM is only harmful to honest customers.
Since Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has been unveiled, Call of Duty: Ghosts has slipped slightly into the shadows. It looks like it’s hitting back, pirate style this week, however.
You know things are getting a little Meta when a game developer releases a game about game developing.
Pirates of Black Cove is the latest game from Publishers Paradox Interactive and Developers Nitro Games. You will sail the Caribbean looting settlements, building your fleet of brigands with the aim of becoming the notorious King of the Pirates.
From the mind of Bill Tiller, the writer behind the comedy Adventure A Vampyre Story