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Yarr me mateys, the official PC system requirements for Port Royale 4 have finally arrived ahead of the game's release on September 25th. But how demanding is it? Will we need to commit to a life of pirating on the open seas in order to acquire the right hardware? Or are we good with what we have? Let's dive in and take a look at the Port Royale 4 system requirements...
While a lot of the world fantasizes about when they might be able to have a trip to some beautiful far off lands, us gamers get our travel fix through the medium of pixelated piratical fun. Port Royale 4’s closed Beta has now been made available to anyone who pre-orders it, and while it isn't officially released until 25th September this year, the beta is in a pretty playable state.
The Port Royale 4 Beta is out for those who have pre-ordered the game, and whilst we're excited to jump into the lush waters of the Caribbean islands, we thought we would put together our Port Royale 4 Beta graphics benchmark report to help us PC gamers know how well it might run on our hardware. Its certainly worth pointing out again that this is the beta and so has limited graphics settings available at the moment.
Ho ho an' a bottle a rum, the Port Royale 4 official system requirements have landed on our PC shores for the Beta release. Port Royale 4 is the next installment in the famed Port Royale series that sees you, the player, struggling to establish your own economy as your reputation grows within your nation. But beware if treacherous waters, for enemies lie in wait to steal your plunder.
The Port Royale 4 Beta has set sail, and docked in our gorgeous shores. What's included in the Beta? And what graphics settings are currently available? We take a quick dive into the game and what's on offer in the Beta. Since this is just the Beta there are some features still missing, but it has a current release date of 25th September scheduled (assuming development can continue to push forward during the current lockdown) so there is still a good amount of time for tidying. Today we will explore a few of the settings available in the current beta build of Port Royale 4 as well.
Seven years on since the franchise last docked in the world of PC gaming, Kalypso has announced Port Royale 4. Gaming Minds are at the helm once again, having enjoyed mixed success with Port Royale 3 back in 2012.