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Last week we informed you that a Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 demo was inbound on August 30th. Since then, Konami has updated the official PES 18 site with the addendum "the demo for PC will be released on mid-September." Xbox One and PS4 users got their demo on August 30th.
For four years, the console crowd has been throwing some serious shade on the PC edition of PES. We've got the most powerful boxes with the most advanced gaming hardware in the world, but we've been getting treated to ports of the PS3 version of PES, a console that's now 11 years old. Not so with PES 2018, which for the first time on PC has feature and graphical parity with the PS4 and Xbox One versions. That can mean only one thing though - more demanding hardware is required. Here are the official Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 PC system requirements.