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There’s been a kind of shift in the racing game scene, going from more arcade-feeling experiences back in the early 2000s, to more realistic driving simulations. One of the best games to nail that sense of driving simulation and amass a huge and loyal following is the Project Cars series, and the developers have just recently announced their most ambitious sequel yet with Project CARS 3.
It’s been rumoured for yonks and it’s finally been revealed - Project CARS 2) and published by Bandai Namco, Fast and Furious Crossroads will be timed to coincide with the theatre release of the nine Fast & Furious movie.
The biggest name in racing games has just got a whole lot bigger. Codemasters has announced it has acquired Project CARS 2 developer Slightly Mad Studios in what could well be a sensational deal for the prolific publisher. The British publisher paid out $30 million in cash and stock to Slightly Mad Studios, with SMS CEO Ian Bell staying on as the head of the studio at Codemasters.
UPDATE: And just like that, it appears Slightly Mad Studios' slightly mad plan for a new high-end console could be dead in the water.
Considering it’s just about the biggest movie license in the world, Fast & Furious tie-ins have been few and far between. There was, of course, the hilariously shite Fast & Furious: Showdown, and the Fast & Furious Car Pack for Forza Horizon 2, but genuine offerings have been thin on the ground. Not for much longer. Slightly Mad Studios, they of Project Cars 2 fame, has effectively self-confirmed it is working on an official Fast & Furious game.
Project Cars 2 will not be using Denuvo Anti-Tamper DRM, Slightly Mad Studios’ head Ian Bell has confirmed.With all the games running Denuvo lately, it can be refreshing when a big budget title comes along that actually opts to avoid the controversial DRM service.
Forget Forza 7. Move over GT Sport. For hardcore racing enthusiasts, there's only one true champion to the sim crown - Project CARS. Now Slightly Mad Studios is back with Project CARS 2, promising the most authentic and detailed racing simulator yet. Everything has been painstakingly recreated in frankly ridiculous detail, and it shows in the official Project CARS 2 PC system requirements.
And so the E3 juggernaut trundles into view with our first E3 trailer. Slightly Mad Studios’ Project CARS has quickly made a name for itself as the sim enthusiasts racer of choice, providing an incredibly detailed and deep simulation of racing alongside near as dammit photorealistic visuals. Fans of gawping at chrome alloys and stitched seats should be pleased to find out Bandai Namco will be publishing Project CARS 2 on September 22nd for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. 
It’s been one of the gaming industry’s worst kept secrets, but at long last Bandai Namco has come out and officially announced Project CARS 2. It’s joined by the swankiest of new trailers showing off the near-photorealistic visuals, and engine lighting and weather upgrades.
It’s that time of the week when we get a brand spanking new Humble Bundle. This time around it’s the Humble Bandai Namco Bundle 2, an eclectic collection of the Japanese giant's published games. Looking back at this I actually realise the crazy wealth and spread of titles Bandai Namco has under its belt, and besides, who can argue with picking up Enslaved: Odyssey to the West for a dollar.
Slightly Mad Studios, the developer of Project CARS, has announced that the next iteration in the franchise is now available for crowdfunding on the WMDPortal, just like its predecessor. The devs have detailed that development of Project CARS 2 will not interfere with any subsequent plans for the current one and it'll continue to receive tonnes of updates and content through this whole year.