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Intel has announced it will be releasing its first Meltdown and Spectre-proof CPUs later this year, presumably with the sound of Pink Floyd’s ‘Money’ bassline thrumming in its ears. Security will be the big priority for Intel’s next generation of processors, with CEO Brian Krzanich admitting software patches aren’t going to be enough to ensure total Meltdown and Spectre protection.
The ramifications of the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities are many and far-reaching. Crucially though, these are flaws at a hardware level that can be fixed with future processors. The downside, of course, is that this will come at great additional expense; you’ll have to splash the cash on a new CPU and motherboard combo. For peace of mind though, some people will accept any price.
We’ve all secretly made plans for the zombie apocalypse. I’ve got a perfect hidey hole should someone come to feast on my brains, backed up by some excellent ziplining opportunity to the local Costcutters. You can never have too much tinned food. My end of the world plans unfortunately pale in comparison to the newly unveiled Dying Light: My Apocalypse Edition.