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Yesterday GD’s own Bluej511 posted his review for Pure Farming 2018 and he loved it, bar a few major caveats. Firstly, the absence of multiplayer, and secondly, it’s lacking the broad range of equipment available in Farming Simulator 2017. Fortunately, Ice Flames and Techland are going some distance to alleviate at least one of these issues in the coming months, outlining a content roadmap for Pure Farming 2018 for the six or so months.
Watch out Farm Sim, there's a new haybale-hurling contender to your agricultural crown. Pure Farming 2018 is one of the first games to be published by Techland, they of Dying Light fame, and it promises to be a hardcore simulation of modern farming. PF2018 covers four continents, hundreds of crops, dozens of tractors and a spot of animal husbandry. It promises to a game worth chicken out for farm sim fans and it's out on March 13th next year. If you know your blob marker from your gimmer, then be sure to check out these Pure Farming 2018 system requirements.