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UPDATE: We now know Tim Willits' fate after parting ways with id Software this month. The legendary Quake and Doom designer left after 24 years with the FPS specialists and has now revealed he's the new chief creative officer at Saber Interactive.
After a lot of jibbering jabbering at QuakeCon, we finally got what we’ve all been waiting for - a new in-depth look at the upcoming Doom Eternal. QuakeCon took place this weekend just gone in Texas and London, providing attendees with the chance to go hands-on with the Doom Slayer’s new adventure. 
The fantastically odd Disaster Report is finally coming PC-wards. A Western release has been announced for Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories and, to our surprise, it’s coming to PC alongside the PlayStation 4 and Switch releases.
On the scale of 1-to-awesome, one of the finest first-person shooters of all time being given the real-time ray-tracing treatment some 22 years later has to be knocking around the top spot. Nvidia’s gone all-in with Quake II RTX having picked up development duties from the fan (and former Nvidia intern) created mod.
By now a lot of you have probably feasted your eyes on the Quake 2 real-time ray-traced lighting video that’s been doing the rounds since January. Created by former Nvidia inter Christoph Schied, this brings the RTX experience to Id Software’s classic (and ancient) 1997 shooter.
3DRealms, they of Duke Nukem 3D fame, have announced Wrath: Aeon of Ruin, a new first-person-shooter powered by the 23-years-old Quake 1 engine.
Id Software has announced that Quake Champions will be leaving Closed Beta imminently and will be officially launching as an Early Access title on August 22nd. Yep, proper Early Access, meaning Quake Champions will also be available on Steam as well as Bethesda’s own launcher. Phew.
Things are getting heated in our best game series in 2017 showdown. It's round eight, the halfway point of the first batch of knockouts, and it's time for an old-school showdown. These four franchises have a staggering 94 years of gaming experience between them. Only one of these gaming geriatrics can earn a place in the semi-finals though. It's Civilization v Quake v Doom v XCOM as we decided the best game franchises of all time.
The wizards at id Software have been on a bit of a roll lately. Last year they brought DOOM back from the dead in style, and in 2017 it's the turn of the arena shooter king - Quake. The Quake Champions Beta is available to download and play now, offering up hyper-kinetic FPS action with plenty of giblety chunks. Interestingly, it doesn't run on the same idTech 6 game engine which powers DOOM. Instead id Software has opted to use a hybrid engine composed of id Tech and Saber Tech (Halo Online, TimeShift, NBA Playgrounds). This means no native Vulkan or VR support. Was it the right move? Let's find out.
After a few months of being tucked away in Closed Beta, Quake Champions will be available for all to play from this Friday. The large scale tech test will take place from May 12th until May 21st, and players only need to register their interest in the beta in order to guarantee themselves a code for the event.
Look, I need precious reasons to write about a new Quake, which is why I’m hoovering up a trailer for the newly unveiled Ranger champion from Quake Champions. He sounds OP as f**k, using a Dire Orb to teleport to otherwise inaccessible ledges and dodge attacks, while his passive ability, Son of a Gun, reduces self-inflicted damage by 20%, making him the perfect champion for a sport of rocket jumping. Swoon.