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UPDATE: Stop the press. Epic has changed its tune. Borderlands 3 will now support pre-loading on PC through the Epic Games Store.
The betas are coming thick and fast this time of year, you barely need to buy any games. The latest to step up to the plate is Star Wars Battlefront 2, a beta test which EA is claiming will be the largest it has ever provided. EA’s released the Star Wars: Battlefront II beta start times along with exactly when you can begin what will likely be a large download.
Mass Effect Andromeda's official PC system requirements will likely be with us early to mid-February 2017 and we also have a pre-load date announcement.
EA has just announced Origin Access members on PC can now begin pre-loading Battlefield 1 in preparation to begin playing soon. But when can I start playing Battlefield 1, you may be asking. The answer is a bit complicated, so here’s all the unlock dates and how  you can begin playing Battlefield 1 as early as possible.
The DOOM Closed Beta was short but sweet, and gave us an inkling into what we can expect from the full release of the multiplayer. If you wanted to get involved but were unable to sell your soul for a code, you’ll be pleased to know that the gates of Hell will reopen for all to join the carnage from April 15th to April 17th with the DOOM Open Beta.
We’ve got a double helping of Dark Souls 3 news today. Firstly FromSoftware’s finale to the Dark Souls trilogy is available to pre-load right now, so go and grab it immediately if you want to play on day one. It’s not a massive download in truth, weighing in at just shy of 20GB, but if your connection is anything like mine you’ll need every spare minute to get this downloaded by the April 12th launch (Curse you BT!).
There’s nothing better than those few hours and days in a gigantic multiplayer experience, just as the servers go live. Everyone’s a noob, frollicking around with low level enemies and generally exploring what the game even is. That is, apart from those freakish power-levellers who pop in a catheter and do everything there is to see and do within a matter of weeks. I expect Tom Clancy’s The Division is going to be no different.
In a thankfully unsurprising slice of gaming news, Bethesda’s PR man Pete Hines has confirmed we’ll be able to preload Fallout 4 on all release platforms ahead of its November 10th launch. While he didn’t go so far as to specify an exact day, it does at least guarantee we get a day or two’s head start when kicking off the 30GB download on PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.
In the latest news that just doesn’t make sense, Konami has revealed that you won’t be able to pre-load Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain ahead of the game’s PC launch in just under two weeks, but you will be able to on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. 
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt pre-load is now live on Steam, and GOG Galaxy, so if you want to hop into Geralt’s latest you’ve got a full week to get that download sorted before it's unleashed on the world. The installation file in question weighs in at 26GB, with a 35GB install, a featherweight by most AAA title standards nowadays.
Sledgehammer Games’ Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare might be a return to form for the gung ho series, but its launch hasn’t been without its fair share of problems. Luckily Sledgehammer is tackling these head on, revealing a list of changes that should be implemented in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s first post-launch update.