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The ever-popular multiplayer game Rocket League is officially going free-to-play later this Summer as it launches on the Epic Games Store. Those who already own the game before the F2P launch will receive a wealth of unique items as a thank you for purchasing the game before the free launch.
Rocket League is still one of the most played games on Steam, averaging at around 50,000 concurrent players in the last 30 days, it consistently hits the top charts with a peak of around 90,000 players. Because of that, we get lots of interesting content that comes to the game in the form of limited time modes, the newest one being Heatseeker Mode!
Grab your wands and dust off your sticks, er, I mean in the wizard sense. Broomstick League will be coming to Early Access on March 5th and it’s the quidditch version of the car version of football, oh sorry… I mean soccer. Whilst it’s fair to say that it’s inspirations come from that little wizarding franchise called Harry Potter, there hasn’t really been a good quidditch game out there recently. It’s being developed by the same people who worked on ARK: Survival Evolved, but let’s just brush past that for now...
Psyonix has announced all randomised loot crates will be removed from Rocket League later this year. See, sometimes good stuff does happen. 
In what’s probably the most controversial news yet to come out regarding the Epic Games Store, Epic has announced it has acquired Rocket League developer Psyonix. The purchase now means Epic owns the studio as well as Rocket League, and the multiplayer hit will be coming to the Epic Store later this year.
Bad news folks. The Greatest Game of All Time isn’t getting a sequel anytime soon. Not that Rocket League needs a sequel, of course, it’s damned near perfection, which I suspect is what’s behind Psyonix’s decision to keep supporting the game rather than begin work on Rocket League 2.
Psyonix has unveiled the Rocket League Summer 2018 content roadmap, and it looks as if they’ve been taking notes from the likes of DOTA 2 and Fortnite. The headline addition is a massive progression overhaul, propped up by the ‘Rocket Pass’, Rocket League’s version of the Battle Pass system.
The greatest game just keeps getting better with the arrival of Rocket League’s second-year anniversary update. Rocket League patch 1.35 adds the new Champions Field map, custom Engine Audio, Goal Explosions and Trails (I thought trails already were custom?) have been added as car customisation categories, Overdrive crates are in, Season 4 has ended, and free Rick and Morty items are available to pimp out your car.
Indie phenomenon Rocket League is barrelling towards its second anniversary, ready to smash a fizzing aerial shot on the crossbar and in. It’s been 24 months of face palming mistakes, unutterable rage, and the satisfying feeling you can only get from walloping a giant football with a car. Despite those two long years, Rocket League’s success hasn’t waned one bit. Quite the opposite in fact. To celebrate its steadfastness, Psyonix is readying a 2nd Anniversary update, complete with a new map, custom goal explosions, new Battle-Cars and new loot crates. You can see it all for yourself in the 2nd Anniversary Update trailer.
The latest free Rocket League update is out. Rocket League patch 1.25 Starbase ARC is, as you no doubt guessed, sci-fi flavoured, adding in a new map set in the midst of a star battle and playable in Ranked Playlists. That’s not all either, because there’s new map variations, a Custom Training editor tool and Steam Workshop support for custom maps from the PC community.
Just when you thought Rocket League couldn’t get any better, it heads down where it’s wetter, under da sea. The next free content update for the sublime Rocket League adds the new AquaDome, complete with sharks and jellyfish floating around the periphery.