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Sometimes I have to pinch myself as to what modding has come to these days. Gone are the days of when you had to basically deconstruct a game in order to implement that tiny tweak that you craved. Yet these days developers recognise the longevity that can be got out of a game by turning all the dragons in Skyrim into Randy Savage. The developers behind Saints Row 4 seem to recognise this as they have just launched their Steam Workshop support today for all you budding modders and moddees to get you hands on. And seemingly at a perfect time as Saints Row 4 is on sale on Steam right now with 75% off! That’s £2.74 / 3.74€ /$3.74! Blimey.
In case you missed it over the holidays, Deep Silver put out an amusing new teaser trailer for Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, as the upcoming standalone expansion pack's already infamous Armchair-A-Geddon took to the busy London streets.
When it comes to its arsenal it’s hard to argue with the imagination on offer in Saints Row IV, whether its a Rectifier Probe, Black Hole Launcher, or the Dubstep Gun, you can't really go wrong. If you just can’t get enough of creative ways to kill people though, Volition is at your service with Saints Row 4’s first SDK release.
Even though Australia finally won their victory, allowing Saints Row 4 to be released legally on the island, it wasn't flawless; the game was delayed to mid September.
RPG games can take a long time, with all the character creation and tweaking you can do, and that's even before all the tutorials!
Australians can finally celebrate now that Saints Row 4 has finally managed to get a rating (after several failed attempts to do so), allowing it to be sold legally.
Saints Row 4 is only weeks away, and even if you can't play it yet, now is your chance to see the game in action!
Saints Row is clearly not a game to do things normally - where Game of the Year editions have become standard, Saints Row 4 is taking it to the next level.
Saints Row 4 has once more been refused classification by the Australian ratings board, after Koch Media appealed the initial decision by asking for a review.
Some of you may remember that part of the reason Australia banned Saints Row 4 was the game showing "visual depictions of implied sexual violence", due to the Anal Probe weapon.
Between PAX Australia and ComicCom, there's been a fantastic amount of new information revealed about our favourite games.