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The first free content update has arrived for Rare’s Sea of Thieves, and it’s actually all sorts of awesome. The Hungering Deep is the first of a planned rollout of post-release content, each adding new gameplay and story elements to bolster what is an admittedly threadbare base game. It’s a bit of a crying shame Rare couldn’t squeeze one of these content updates in right after launch, as it includes some neat stuff like an actual, working questline complete with NPC interactions and a unique boss fight.
After a slightly bare launch, Sea of Thieves is whirring back into life with the announcement of The Hungering Deep expansion. It’s the first of several planned free expansions for Sea of Thieves, and it’s due to drop on May 29th.
It’s been a quiet few weeks on the high seas for Rare and Sea of Thieves, but fresh from becoming the strongest first-party launch ever for the Xbox One, they’ve announced a content roadmap that looks to address some of the valid criticisms that have come their way.
It’s been out a day but Sea of Thieves is already riddled with hacks on PC. With no absolute winners or losers, Sea of Thieves sounds like an odd game to cheat in, but that hasn’t stopped a number of cheating programs pop up already.
Rare has made quite the song and dance of how Sea of Thieves is playable on just about any PC, even integrated graphics. The fairly simplistic visual style and scalable graphics should ensure that just about anyone can take to the high seas. But is Sea of Thieves playable on a low-end PC? To put it to the test, I went rooting through our graphics card graveyard and dug up the Radeon HD 5770.
Ahoy there maties, Sea of Thieves has set sail today on PC. Rare's return is co-op pirating across the high seas, featuring plenty of the studio's trademark charm. Here's every graphics setting in Sea of Thieves PC benchmarked and tested for the Frames Per Second performance hit. Using the chart below you can find out just how demanding each setting is. Along with this, we've given priority scores based on how important we believe it is to enable these graphics options.
Avast ye salty sea dogs, Sea of Thieves’ maiden voyage is almost upon us. Sea of Thieves will launch on PC and Xbox One this coming Tuesday, March 20th. If you’re interested in its pirate shenanigans and you also didn’t get into one of its countless beta tests, Sea of Thieves is an MMO-lite at heart.
Ahar it be peg leg time. AMD’s gearing up for next month’s release of Sea of Thieves in record time, commandeering the good ship Radeon and dropping a new Adrenalin Edition 18.2.3 graphics card driver.
We're back. After a few months of quiet releases, March is hotting up. Far Cry 5, Sea of Thieves and Final Fantasy XV are all releasing on PC within a matter of weeks, and we're giving a copy of one of these games away for free to a GD'er. All you've got to do is get involved in the free game giveaway via any of the options shown below, and you could get your hands on a PC cd key for Sea of Thieves, Far Cry or FFXV!
A whole heap of info on Sea of Thieves has emerged today after a preview embargo lifted. First and foremost, Rare has confirmed that Sea of Thieves will never have loot crates, ironically enough.
After some lengthy closed alphas and beta tests, Rare has revealed the final system specs for Sea of Thieves on PC. It's pretty clear Rare has been harvesting all the performance data from PC players during these tests, providing extensive system requirements for Sea of Thieves ahead of its March 20th release date.