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Serious Sam has always been about action, but there’s also a semblance of a story that gets told in between those manic moments of mayhem, and the upcoming Serious Sam 4 is no exception. Pumping up the action to Max, the new Serious Sam games also has a suitably wacky story, which takes place as a prequel to the entire series thus far.
It doesn't look like much when you first look at it, but Serious Sam 4 packs a punch, and I'm not just talking about the hordes of enemies you'll be facing. The system requirements for Serious Sam 4 have been revealed, and it has some pretty demanding specs.
The Serious Sam franchise has accumulated a pretty big cult following ever since the first game came out. Now Serious Sam 4 is launching next month and publisher Devolver Digital as well as developers Croteam are counting down to launch with a behind the scenes video in preparation for the September 24th release date.
Back when Croteam and Devolver Digital officially announced Serious Sam 4, they gave a vague August 2020 release date. Well, it’s August now, and the developers have come out to say that what they really meant to say was September 2020 instead, more specifically September 24th, and a new trailer for Serious Sam 4 was released to mark the occasion.
Devolver Digital held their very own E3-style showcase on Saturday in typical Devolver fashion, you know, with lots of zany characters, a constant anxiety of slowly losing your mind and going insane, and loads of gameplay too. At the showcase Devolver revealed some new gameplay trailers for both Serious Sam 4 which you can watch below.
If you watched the cinematic trailer a couple days ago and thought “hmm, that’s not gameplay,” well then you’re in luck because Devolver Digital has just released a developer gameplay update for the upcoming Serious Sam 4. Showcasing the battle scenarios players will engage in, enemy types you’ll face, the insane weapons you can wield, the heavy drums of the music and the all new Legion System which will allow for thousands and thousands of enemies on screen at once.
aaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! You don’t want to circle strafe this one, as the classic, over the top, excessively violent and ridiculous FPS is returning in just a few months (seriously). The new trailer for Serious Sam 4 is here along with some interesting information about what players can expect in the next serious game for serious people. Be prepared to tear your hair out once again, because there’s going to be even more enemies on screen than ever before.
Never ones to shy away from the limelight, indie publisher Devolver Digital will be back with another tongue-in-cheek E3 press conference during E3 2019 this year.
It’s a name that’s been thrown around for over half a decade, but Croteam has at long last gone and announced it: Serious Sam is back, and he’s even more super cereal than before. Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass has just been revealed at the Reboot Develop conference in Croatia, right in Croteam’s home turf.
Croteam and publisher Devolver Digital have been dropping some heavy hints that Serious Sam 4 could finally be revealed during E3 2016. The latter announced its E3 lineup on Twitter this past Wednesday, touting “a new @Croteam title at E3”.
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