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Those potty-mouthed kids from South Park are set to make their  RPG debut next month, dabbling in arcane wizardry and having extensive discourses with conversational turds.
If you’re the kind of person who likes to avoid all spoilers until you can actually play a game for yourself, you might want to avoid the newest trailer from Ubisoft for their upcoming South Park RPG.
South Park: The Stick Of Truth has had its achievements list leaked online courtesy of Xbox Achievements, and it will surprise exactly no one to find out the list is not exactly a shining example of political correctness.
Good things come in threes, and that couldn’t be more apt when a trio of foul-mouthed South Park: The Stick of Truth trailers trot up to give us their unique brand of outlandish verbal hostility.
It looks like March 2014 is going to be a bigger gaming month than anticipated, with several big titles due to launch this quarter being pushed back until then.
South Park: The Stick Of Truth has had a slightly rocky development, not least because a few months before release, the developers disbanded with THQ's collapse.