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Ever since its launch around 10 years ago, StarCraft 2 has blazed the eSports and RTS scene, becoming the number 1 RTS that professionals and the like will want to play. Since then StarCraft 2 has grown and seen lots of additional content, but Blizzard has announced that no new content will be added anymore.
Blizzard has long been the pioneer of monetisation and games as a service. They’ve been doing it so long that it’s just expected, and no one actually bats an eyelid, but I suspect the announcement of paid maps for Starcraft 2 may raise a few eyebrows.
Blizzard’s noticed all is not well over in the EA camp with Star Wars Battlefront 2, finding time to have a cheeky pop at its pay-to-win mechanics. StarCraft 2 relaunched as a free-to-play title yesterday, granting players with unfettered access to the original game plus all the multiplayer units from the Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void expansion packs.
Should you be one of the two PC gamers who doesn't own StarCraft II just yet, we’ve got some good news. StarCraft 2 is going free-to-play this month. Blizzard confirmed the news during BlizzCon this weekend, announcing its classic sci-fi strategy game will be completely free, including the original Wings of Liberty single-player campaign and access to full ranked multiplayer.
We're currently barrelling towards to the all important question - which game series is the best of all time?  It's round 9 of 20, and two of the most popular eSports games of all time square off against two of the most groundbreaking single-player open-world titles. It's time for Counter-Strike v StarCraft v The Witcher v Stalker. You just need to vote for whichever you think is the best game franchise in 2017, and only one of these will make it through to the semi-final.
The original king of eSports is back. Blizzard has been busy giving StarCraft a little spit and polish for StarCraft Remastered, adding updated visuals, 4K and widescreen support, new audio and more. It's all in an aim to make StarCraft a little more palatable to the baying crowds, with packed out Korean arenas up until now forced to endure muddy, dated visuals. Naturally, the system requirements for StarCraft Remastered are a fair jump up from the 1998 original. Here are the PC specs you'll need for SC: Remastered...
Blizzard has announced that the long-awaited StarCraft: Remastered will be zerg rushing PC on August 14th. The real-time strategy classic has been updated with new widescreen and 4K visuals, enhanced audio, improved matchmaking and leaderboards, and individual stat tracking for players.
Those rumours were bang on the money - StarCraft Remastered has just been announced. Blizzard unleashed the remaster of the 19-year-old game during a stream last night, revealing StarCraft Remastered will be with us in all its 4K glory this very summer.
StarCraft is the game that just won’t die. Not only does it still pack out entire stadiums in South Korea, but there’s also talk of a StarCraft Brood War HD Remaster arriving this very year.
Calling all strategy fans - Blizzard is reportedly going to announce StarCraft HD this September, a total remake of its legendary real-time strategy game.
It’s always a source of amazement to me the breadth and quality of fan made content out there. With no money to be made, just a whole lot of love; players can create games on a scale which rival even the originals themselves. One in particular that's blowing my mind has just hit open beta. I’m talking about the long-lost StarCraft Universe, which was originally called World of StarCraft. After going silent for a while it’s being made available to all as an honest goodness StarCraft MMO wrapped up in the StarCraft II engine.